Naruto Question: Has Kisame Hoshigaki lost a proper fight in the Series?

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I know he lost to Team Gai, But he used only 30 percent of his real chakra to fight them?

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I haven’t seen one. All of his battles were not finished properly. They always ended with him escaping…

Naruto Uzumaki ナルト

No for the most part Kisame really hasn’t fought all that much and when he has they have really been short or a few battle,as the time when he fought Kakashi and Gai,in the village,and later on attack Naruto but Jiraiya was able to stop him. The only other really fight he was in when he was fighting again Gai,Neji,Lee,and Tenten. Which at the end Gai one the fight but the Kisame was only using 30&% of his strength.
Naruto Rocks!!!!!


I know for a fact that he hasn’t lost a real fight in the series so far. The only real fight he got into was with suigetsu and he won.


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