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naruto has the wind chakra so does that mean he can only use wind style jutsu or he can use any kind? like for example could he use grand fireball jutsu or chidori please help


  1. I think this means that he will be strongest with wind style jutsus but he may also be able to use others aswell. shonen jump have released a Naruto fan book if thats any help to you.

  2. naruto has a wind style so he can only use wind style jutsu like rasegan. but every ninja can use ninjutsu like shadow clone jutsu. ninja can have more than one style like sasuke. he have fire style and lightning stylle like fireball jutsu and chidori so right now naruto can’t use those moves but can learn others like earth or water style jutsu

  3. No if you remember the training talk Naruto had wth Jiraiya and Kakashi, Naruto is strongest with, wind elements.
    But for Naruto to learn lighting techniques, like chidori would be impossible, those are the mixing of two totally, different elements and can only be used by those who are strong users of those two, elements, same goes for those, who use wood or metals. Rasengan would be out of there reach.
    Sasuke’s moves are only entitled to him. And those who are compatible, with his strong elements.

  4. There are five kind of chakras: Wind (Footon), Lightining (Raighton), Earth (Doton), Water (Saiton), and Fire (Katon).
    Every ninja has a MAIN chakra. Sasuke has fire and lightning but he uses lightning better than fire. Kakashi has Lightning, water and earth but he also uses lightning best. Itachi had Fire and Water but he used Fire the best.
    Almost none ninjas have all five chakras, it is very difficult to learn them, it takes years to learn even one element. But Sasuke was able to learn the lightning element faster (faster not right away) because of the sharingan.
    Naruto learned it in about 5 days because of his Shadow Clones.
    Now for jutsus:
    It is a lightinig chakra jutsu. Kakashi and Sasuke both have lightning so both of them can do it. But Naruto doesn’t have lightning he has wind so he can’t do it, however he can learn lightning, if he does then he will be able to learn Chidori. (But it would take huge amount of time and it would be useless to him because he doesn’t have sharingan)
    Fireball jutsu: it is a fire chakra jutsu so only those who have fire chakra can use it.
    Rasengan: is a jutsu that doesn’t require any element chakra. So it can be used by anyone. HOWEVER it is known to be the second hardest jutsu to learn. So simple chunnins would not be able to learn it, it is too hard. But is lets say a Sasuke was working for about a month without even a brake like Naruto did he would be able to learn it.
    Rasen-shuriken: is a wind jutsu, so neither Sasuke nor Kakashi nor any ninja would be able to do it because they don’t know how to use wind chakra. (For rasenshuriken there are also other reasons others can’t use it but it not importent to your quastion)
    Now Naruto can use only WIND style jutsus.
    type that on google: naruto shippuuden 55
    that episode will explain everything

  5. He can use any kind of jutsu its just he has an affinity for wind type jutsu. Wind type will be easier for him to use and master. He probably could learn chidori and great fireball jutsu he would just have to train harded to learn it.

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