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Naruto Q – Explain elemental chakra please?

Is each person born with an element that only some figure out? (ie. Kakashi lightling; Naruto wind) or is it more complicated than that?
And regarding elemental chakra, if they come into contact with it (like fire or lightning) will it harm them?


  1. Body Energy is a vital force generated within the cells of living organisms. Combined with Spiritual Energy , or force of will and mental fortitude, it can be harnessed to a variety of uses, such as the production of the superhuman stamina used in taijutsu, or formation of the energy known as chakra essential to the use of even the most basic of jutsu.[3]
    Once created, chakra moves about the body to any of its 361 release points, utilizing a network of passages not unlike the circulatory system. By various means — handseals being the most common — it can then be manipulated to the end materializing effects otherwise impossible under the laws of nature, such as walking on water or breathing fire. In the context of oriental martial arts philosophy, chakra is indistinguishable from Qi (Chi).
    Depending on the ratio in which physical and spiritual energy is mixed, different types of chakra can be formed. Elemental chakra is the most common product of this, and is used to perform elemental jutsu. The five known elemental natures are earth, fire, lightning, water, and wind. Most ninja have a natural affinity to one type of chakra, but have the capacity to create elemental chakra apart from their own affinity. Each element is both stronger and weaker against another. The order is fire, wind, lightning, earth, and water, with each being weaker than the previous and stronger than the next. Water loops back into fire. For example, a lightning based attack would be very effective against an earth based defense, but easily countered by a wind user. Additionally, elemental techniques can be countered by techniques of the same element, provided the technique being countered is of equal or lesser power. A sixth elemental chakra has been mentioned but yet not identified, so its nature and weaknesses in relation to the others are unknown.
    Certain kekkei genkai can also create unique elements, such as wood (earth + water) and ice (water + wind), through a mixture of the basic elements, which normal ninja are incapable of doing. While some ninja are capable of producing varied types of chakra, they can’t do so simultaneously. Yamato also mentions light and dark chakra, but doesn’t elaborate on what they’re used for.

  2. The elemental chakra is something a ninja is born with. There are five of them- wind, lightning,water, fire and earth. Naruto being Wind type was figured out later but he always was wind type and same with everyone else like Kakashi being lightning and Asumi, Shikamaru’s sensei, being wind type. This elemental chakra lets you use special kinds of the jutsu that support that type. Fireball jutsu for fire(Itachi), the water type moves for water (Kisame) and chidori forlightning (kakashi and sasuke).
    Naruto can use Rasengan which is lightning type but it is possible he is also lightning. he is weak to sasuke because wind help fire burn.
    Type—Weak against—Strong against


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