Home Discussion Forum Naruto Fans: can Sasuke still supress the tailed beast's chakra?

Naruto Fans: can Sasuke still supress the tailed beast's chakra?

Sasuke was able to supress the nine-tailed fox’s chakra before but now he lost the curse mark. When Sasuke fought a tailed beast that was weaker than the nine-tailed fox (the 8-tailed beast) why didn’t he supress its chakra, it was weaker than nine-tailed fox. Did he lose that ability because he lost the curse mark?


  1. He cant anymore but he got the defense thing though. anyways he cant and even if he did the author wont let that happen. it might but naruto got other power like sage mode and his own chakra so he doesnt need to rely on the nine tail fox.

  2. i never thought about it that way, i just thought that because he was close to naruto he could get into his head…literally. and also he was underestimating killerbee. and sasuke still has the curse mark, so he didnt have the ability with that, he was able to get into naruto’s head to surpress the kyuubi becasue of the sharingon

  3. I suppose he didn’t have the ability to begin with. I think he needs to train it or it hasn’t shown up to him yet. Maybe Madara will teach him how to control the tailed beasts. It’s not like he needs it to control Naruto. A few words of his own is all it takes to convince Naruto. Naruto is gullible when it comes to Sasuke.
    I doubt the cursed seal has anything to do with it. The Sharigan is what can control the beasts. To me, it seems like Madara uses it to place them in a “trance” or illusion but we are yet to actually discover how Madara can control the beasts or if Sasuke has this ability too in addition to the Susanoo and Ameratsu.

  4. I don’t think he can supress all of them, just the Nine-Tailed Fox. His Curse Mark had nothing to do with it, it’s his Sharingan.If he could supress all of them,then he would have just supressed the 8-Tailed Beast.It’s pretty odd, but I don’t really think it matters that its weaker than the Kyuubi,he just can’t control the rest. At least not now.


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