Naruto Chapter 484: Is Karin actually a man?

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I’m kind of second-guessing myself now… because I’ve always known Karin as a girl. Even in the flashbacks, she was female and she had a chest. So, did Kishimoto just draw her that way because Sakura is healing her with chakra, or does she have no chest?
>_< No, I didn't mean that at all! TT-TT I'm sorry if it came out that way. ...I also have an undying hatred for Karin. But it has eased up in the last couple of chapters. >.<

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so your saying a girl with no chest automatically = a dude…
pettan pettan tsurupettan


ummm not the question i would usually hear from a naruto fan O.o??????


second answer: You haven’t seen anything. This is normal.
Actual answer, Yes, yes Karin is a man. Because Sasuke is gay.
Welcome to the light, now put down that piece of trash and start watching one piece today.


No… She’s not a man. But I’ll give you a star for this one. xD


she had busty breasts but popped up because it was stabbed remember.. duh..


japanese girls are a little flat chested shes a girl dude


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