Naruto and the kyubi chakra! Can someone explain please?

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I am watching the anime ”Naruto SHippuden” episode 61! I really don’t understand what’s going on with the kyubi chakra?how many people got some of that?! We knew about kyubi being sealed into naruto?But sora has some too! How many ppl have kyubi chakra ??? And can naruto reach 6-7 or even 9 tailed form?? thnx !
except for sora + naruto are there other people with kyubi’s chakra?

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dont worry about sora, hes a fillers character made to postponed the anime from catching up from the manga, the sora story has nothing to to with the main naruto story line.


kyuubi had a rampage, leaving left over chakra which was sealed in sora.
Oh and, naruto can go nine and he did in the current episodes but if I were you I would hurry up and watch all the eps.

I'm so gangsta...yo sucker

Sora HAD 4 tails of Kyuubi, but Naruto took them out of him, which make completely 9 tails
Yeah Naruto can go up to 6-8 tails…Go watch Naruto or read it in manga


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