names for powers or energy in comic book/manga?

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I’ve been gradually developing a comic book/manga for a bit now and am piecing it together. but my one problem is originality in the part that matters most beyond setting to me, the super powers.
what are different types of super powers? example, Naruto has Chakra, Dragonballz has energy waves, others have chi and magic. are there any others anyone knows of?
i love the whole ninja deal but I’m unsure if using chakra would make it unoriginal. are there any other historic or none types of ‘power’ or ‘energy’ i could use?

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maybe call spirits back from the dead or being able to revive people?also with a touch being able to sense someones aura?


spiritual aura…


Maybe its to sense the energy and power of other people? You know like sensing in the dark that someones there, maybe even to the point of detail like their moods and etc.?


Psionics, magic, spiritual, evolved, nuclear, bionics, cybernetics, gene splices, ancient artifacts, alien technology, symbionts, summoning of super powerful beings. Just a few off the top of my head.


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