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Name of an old movie from the 70s, about a young boy and Native Americans trying to save him.?

This movie was from the 70s, I think. I will tell you all I remember about it.
This young boy, Who I think was Native American, Is left alone. He lived with his Grandfather, who I think was a Shamanism, or a Chief. The movie was set in modern times, the 70s when it came out. These two Native Americans, an older guy who I think was a Shamanism and a guy in his late 20s to early 30s, come to pick the boy up from some place. It might have been an orphanage. They need to take him some where, but I can’t remember where. There is this evil lady that lives on an island I think. She lives in a hut on a beach. She has this owl with her. She is trying to get the boy. I think she uses Kachina Dolls to make these spirit things come to life, and get the boy. The two guys with him fight these things. The one part in the movie I do remember is that this big black car is after them. They stop on this wooded back road. The older man takes this bag, and sprinkles this dirt across the road. He dose this chant, and waves some feathers over the dirt. They stand on the other side of the line in the middle of the road. The black car comes down the road. It speeds up when it sees them. When it comes to the line of dirt, the front end smashes in. Like it hit an invisible wall. The three of them run off, and the car blows up behind them. The movie ends with the two guys getting the boy to where ever he needed to be. They turn one of the things that the lady sent after them agents her. You just see the hut on fire, and the owl flies off. If anyone knows the name of this movie, please let me know. It might have been a made for TV movie. I saw it when I was a kid, and I still remember it. I would like to see it again if I can find out what the name was.


  1. ummm…. it is not “The Car”
    Did that person even read the description?
    Anyway, it IS, “Shadow of the Hawk” (1976)

  2. Saw it on cable TV in 1976 or ’77, and was just thinking about the invisible wall scene today. The young man looks into the burning smoke-filled car and an arm reaches out through the smashed driver’s window and tries to drag him in.
    No clue about the film’s name but the scene has stayed with me ever since.


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