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myth and folklore: what is the best crystal to wear to protect against evil/negative energies?

Since we moved into our new house I have been getting this awful feeling or negative energy. I mean sometimes, for no reason I will just suddenly be overwhelmed by this horrible gripping feeling of terror. I sense that there is some type of spirit in my house and I just want it and this fear to be gone. I have heard about crystals that can be worn for protection. What would be the best one for me? I need one that protects against evil and negativity and helps control fear. Preferable a really strong one. Thank u!


  1. Go out to a field where cattle are kept, and watch for the bull to take a dump. When he does, get some of that, shape it into a pendant, stick a wire through it to make a hole, and then let it dry completely in the sun.
    When it’s dry, poke a bit of twine or leather lacing through the hole. Now you have a bullchit pendant to wear. It keeps the bullchit away.

  2. Jet is the best, or obsidian if you can get it. However, I wouldn’t just let an evil spirit linger around just because you have a protective crystal. Try doing a cleansing ritual in your house to be rid of it completely.

  3. I’d say Ruby, but i would try to talk to the spirit when u feel a presence or whatever, tell it you mean no harm and it should leave you alone.
    i have 3 spirits that live in my school and the one in the auditorium likes to scare members of the tech team in school in my case i just tell it i mean it no harm hen i feel her which is usually often and she does not bother me

  4. i agree with shadow
    you can cleanse your home with white sage ((burn it))
    also jet or obsidian are very strong for protection
    stignite and celestite are also strong protection stones

  5. How about doing something practical like cleansing the house of whatever it is that you feel is there……can be done simply, and effectively, and that will be the end of the matter.


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