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Mystical Eroticism, the watercourse way, Alchemy, Tantra and others, are you able to relate?

Life or enlightenment is about relationship and these practices far from viewing man/womankind’s entry into the physical realm a fall from grace we see it as the arising of the Spirit. What is your experience?
KitKat : Yes and it although mind blowing and heart opening is very natural. We have been conditioned to be very unnatural. Please watch the video if at all possible, she knows what she speaks of. One thing about sexual energy is that it has the power to overcome conditioning.


  1. After watching this video, I am filled with wonderment of the knowledge we may have lost somewhere. I see much wisdom in the words conveyed here! These energies…may complete and unite female and male in totality… So much to ponder in this for me! I don’t understand, the watercourse way, Tantra, but I can relate to this Mystical feeling! Weather we fell from grace here is a determination I am unable to make. I believe the fulfillment of grace does happen in the sacred union between male and female. The marriage of this seems beautiful ,the expressions, and experience divine!

  2. I can’t view the video from here, but will later. For those who have only experienced toxic relationships and loss, the spirit trampled to near death, is it possible for such a spirit to arise?

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