Sunday, September 26, 2021

Mysteries of the Mind is connected with aliens?

why not?
Oftentimes supporters of this theory believe that humans possess supernatural abilities such as mind control and mind reading. Even more commonly, many people feel that the mind can inexplicably operate in a subconscious state


  1. I do believe anyone controls us but GOD..not to say there isn’t OTHERS out there…maybe? And I believe we have subconscious states of mind……I have them…I think they may be the times we say..I’ve done this before..hummmm…

  2. Aliens – I believe in life that exists in the ether or cosmos that is godly and intangible and the gifts people on the other side have developed are passed into gifted people on earth so that they can do amazing things.
    as for any physical life NONE – zilch

  3. I do not think that our minds are connected with aliens because they are completly different from us, or so I would think so. I think that we control our own mind and our own thoughts no one else does, god of course helps guid our thoughts but he does not control our actions what so ever. I think that that theory is true, I think that people are given this gift that they can either accept are hate, I cant imagin having to go through that.


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