by Honey Lingers:

My witch-in-law got divorced from my husband’s daddy about four years ago coz she’d been seein’ some guy from her work.

About a year before that, my husband’s daddy was arrested for beating on her and went to jail but he says she made it up and broke her own jaw.

His daddy is a good Christian but she gave up Jesus when she moved in with this guy. They’re now getting married and we’re invited – should we go?

Answer by curious moper
Sure. Don’t forget to bring a stun gun…


  • Wow, if this ain’t a one sided situation.

    You don’t know the whole situation between the “parents”. The “father” is just a susceptable as being a violent person, just as the “mother” is about being a liar.

    Don’t be so naive as to think that because he’s “Christian” means he’s a saint, and cause she left a “violent” situation makes her less of one. That’s plain naive and ignorant.

    It’s totally up to you if you want to go to the wedding, but don’t not go because you’ve only heard one side of the story, because this situation has three sides (just like all situations), the father’s side, the mother’s side and the truth.

  • Short answer? Um… WAY too complicated!
    Being a Christian does not mean that someone doesn’t get violent, so I think we can exclude that as proof that he didn’t beat her. maybe he didn’t, but if the evidence that he offers is, “I’m a good Christian”, then ignore it.
    Any way, she isn’t any relation of yours (or your husband’s), she is just an acquaintance. So if you like her and feel that you want to go, then go. But if you are only considering it because you feel that it is your “duty” to do so, then don’t go

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