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My tarot reading said that I should be looking for a new job. Should I look for a new job?

the future of my current job was described in the tarot card as, “A static nature that is unprogressive, dull, timid, idle, or careless. It indicates stagnation in one’s affairs.” Time to find a new job?


  1. Yes, and take a towel and your tarot along with you for the interview. As soon as the interviewer asks the first question, say “one moment please, let me see if I am qualified yet to answer this question” and then proceed to:
    1) Whip out your towel and wrap it around your little head
    2) Spread your tarot cards all over the Personnel Manager’s desk
    3) While waving your hands over the cards, say out loud:
    “I command you almighty tarot to tell me exactly where it is my brain be vacationing, because inquiring minds want to know please”.
    Then sit back in your seat and relax and smile and I am pretty sure if you do this, the reaction of the interviewer will give you a very good clue whether or not you are ready to change jobs yet.


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