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My "spiritual mate" has informed me I was Buddhist at one time, but now Taoist. Please explain.?

We are both very “spiritually self-aware” and he made a profound statement 2 days ago about me literally dying or sacrificing my life for over 40 years because I wasn’t able to define who I was, because of emotional abuse. The clarity from my “spiritual awakening” just gets deeper and sacrificing of the self is Buddhist philosophy. My boyfriend says, I have moved beyond Buddhism and into Taoism. I had a dream from a spiritual guide about 4 months ago to look into “Taoism”. I had never heard of it.
Was this a funny question?


  1. If someone else is telling you who and what you are then you are not very self aware much less spiritually aware and your boyfriend is just trying to sound enlightened to keep you interested.

  2. When Sidartha enlighted he at tainted the Buddha’s nature. When he liberated from his body he mingled with the nature.
    the great nature is called Tao. Taoist means being one with nature.


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