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My son came home from school with a copy of the new testament….?

today. ‘Every’ child ‘Had’ to take one. from the 2 christians handing them out.

Even though my son didn’t, the majority of the kids ripped them up, set fire to them or played a new version of football with them.

Isn’t this just a waste of you good christians money ???

And would i be allowed to hand out copies of the ‘Book of Shadows’ by Lady Sheba at schools ???
My son is at secondary.

The books were handed out in ‘assembly’.

I am not a liar, and this is no joke.
PS::Sorry maybe i should have said but my son has 4 bibles. 1 i bought him, 1 he bought himself and 2 he won for bible reading.
He said to the man “no thanks i have 4 bibles at home. And the chap said everyone needs to take one”. So he did.

Also there are children from many religions in this school and my sons class.
My son is 12yrs old, and we live in Scotland, UK.

I will be phoning the school first thing in the morning. Plus i allow my sons to follow thier own religion, they are christian, i am a witch. Thats it. But other kids were calling my son a ‘bible basher’ because he didn’t tear or burn it.

By the way some of these kids who destroyed them are from ‘christian families’ but i doubt thier parents will get to hear of thier kids actions.

Thanks for all the replies….
PPS:::Well firstly thanks for all your replies.
As for the school i phoned them first thing yest. morn. to speak to the principal ‘Suprisingly’, he was not available. So i left my name and number with his secretary, for him to return my call.
Needless to say i am still waiting.
But i will be sending a letter today to the education dept.
Yes btw, this is a non-denominational school. And its not just because of my beliefs, i am going to take action. It’s because i think it is wrong the way they ‘forced’ all the kids to take one.


  • You don’t know how privileged you are that he was able to get access to this. Christianity has not been taught in schools here for a numbe rof years.

  • David: Wrong, wrong, wrong! We have never handed out qurans at school. Mormons dont do this either. Never has my kid ever been handed anything at school but the new testament.
    School is not the place for it.

  • I would definately contact the school. Speak to the principal or the administrator directly. This infringes upon your rights and your child’s. A time for prayer (if desired) is acceptable but I think NOBODY should force such a personal private thing on anyone else. Contact the school because I’m sure that the 2 handing them out by force are breaking the law. Explain to your child that people often want to make others believe in what they believe to be true. That is not being respectful- you have no right to infringe on anyone else. It may be something these people have been brought up to do-who knows?! I am Chrisitan (try to be) but I would never treat anyone of any belief with disrespect like this.

  • Since you questioned “every child” and “had to take” I will too. I will also doubt that the ‘majority’ set any fires with these gifts.
    I will simply add that if you showed up at the school my kids attended with ‘lady of Shadows’ or any ‘Harry Potter’ books in hand, they would get disposed of.
    As with anything else, it is a choice – by handing out ‘lady of shadows’ you have made your choice.
    I would be willing to bet that every child had a choice to take or leave what was offered.
    … yes, it is still worth it.

  • I tell any person that comes to my door trying to spread the message of their particular religion of choice, that if I see them again, I will consider them trespassers. I don’t appreciate what they did at your child’s school, it is brainwashing in its most subtle of forms. Taking advantage of the young mind is a wicked, sneaky, and subliminal way of competing for the childs choice. Deplorable.

  • I hope this wasn’t in a public school in the United States!!! Anyway refer him to this website…it’s a lot of laughs.

  • You say had – kid take this book or you would wish you had – I would not worry about the so called Christians I would have a law suit on the school for allowing someone to FORCE their reading materials on my children. Take your child out of this school immediately!

  • I don’t know where you live but if this is what they are doing you should speak to the school board. The role of schools (unless they are religious schools) are not to promote religion. In many places doing so is illegal. You can always ask what version of the bible. The Catholic bible is different from the Protestant one. If you prove they are promoting one form over another you would have an even better case. No, a Book of Shadows will get you thrown in jail, even though there is nothing illegal in owning one.

  • I am surprised that the school let people pass out new testaments???? Separation of church & state, right.?? I am a Christian but I wouldn’t consider doing that. And no… you wouldn’t be able to hand out copies of your book. This is a weird story – but I believe it is true. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm??????

  • If you have a complaint about it, go to the school yourself and make it. Don’t have the kid be the go-between. If it’s a private or religious-based school, there’s not as much you can do about it. If it’s a public school in the US, you can make a stink out of it if you want, or you can just ask why every kid “had” to take one, and what was said to make the kid believe that. You can ask that next time, the kids be told that they have the option to say, “No thank you”.

    You don’t tell us your son’s age, but I would be careful about how much of an issue you make of this. Young kids are mortified about standing out from the crowd, and you may only serve to embarrass him while you’re trying to make your point.

  • The majority of the kids ripped them up??? and set them on fire??? right there on top of their desks I presume…what, they didn’t try and burn the christian kids at the stake?? where do these kids attend school? the luciferian school for the mentally unstable? your funny…

  • I pity these children and their parents for destroying something like this. If you do not have respect for God or someones religion, the least you can do is hand the bible onto someone who will actually use it

  • As for what is handed out in schools……
    My three sons all had to study certain subjects which i do not approve of in primary school, but by secondary there was more choice, even so, the drivel handed out as fact in school is appauling, evolution taught as fact when it is and always has been a theory springs to mind, and then there are the witchcraft and sorcery books on the menu, so i am sure your book would be welcome with open arms in most UK schools, handing out a new testament is virtually unheard of these days in most comprehensives, good on them i say…

  • They shouldn’t have been allowed to do that, in fact I think it’s illegal (unless maybe not if he’s at a private school esp one w/ Christian emphasis). You definitely wouldn’t be allowed, parents would call in an uproar saying that the school was exposing their children to “devil worshiping.” I however would prefer if someone gave my (future, currently non-existent) kids copies of the ‘Bood of Shadows,’ it would save me some money having to buy them their own;).

  • Yes it is a waste

    If that was my kid I would find those 2 idiots and kick the crap out of them. No one would force my kid to take a religious book…when anyone said it was wrong of me to beat them I would tell them it is my religion to beat the crap out of those who are evil incarnate.

    Then if my kid mutilated them I would yell because it is littering…just throw it away if don’t want it

  • No it is not because we are doing what is required of us. What others do, we are held responsible. But I guarantee you that the day will come that those kids that mutilated God’s Word, will wish they had read it. May God Bless U.

  • If it is a public school, then it should be illegal. My kid should not be coming home with any religious tracts, even from my own religion. That is not why kids go to school.

  • I don’t think the school were aware of this, I mean tearing up the bibles?! -_-; I’m not sure why they gave them out either..I mean it’s unusual for religious books to be given out in schools?
    Yeah, it is a waste of money if you ask me, they should have a choice at whether they wanted one or not.

  • You are offended that Christians gave a Bible to your kid? Aren’t you the one who wants to control him? Let him decide if it is good or not. The Bible is not harmful… it contains truth and simple realities about life, unlike your “Book of Shadows”.

  • Didn’t Christ say as he was dying on the Cross…

    Forgive them for they know not what they do

    well..this is ONE example of what he meant..(among other things)…

    don’t get your thong all twisted on this..I KNOW he was referring to those who killed them… but..i think it goes beyond just his being killed..

    THAT said….separation of church and state should NOT have allowed this…and I am religious..I still think that the Bibles would have been better protected had this NOT happened.

    ohh and btw..King James Version is probably the best version of the Bible as the Apocrypha has NOT been canonized and is not considered divine revelation..just a good story in comparison with the rest of the Bible (OT+NT) which is why other Bibles DON’T have it..

  • Good point.

    I never liked the door peopl. It seem,s like they are trying to sell the religion.

    I’ve always wanted to visit the highlands of scottland, I heared it is quite enchanted.

  • The school cannot make any child take home religious texts…that is crazy. I wouldn’t care if it were optional but they would have to allow for all religious texts to be handed out…and I would love it if you sent my son home with that particular book of shadows…I need some fresh ideas for my own.=)

  • Was the school aware of the people handing out Bibles? If not, then not only would I be concerned about RELIGION being touted by the school, but I would be extremely concerned that there are people IN the school that the school personnel aren’t aware of. I would make a complaint to the school.

  • Was this a public school? I know that at college campuses they hand out Bibles. I don’t accept them because they are Protestant Bibles, and I’m Catholic, therefor I only read the Catholic Bible. It is worded differently and contains the Apocrypha. They never hand them out because they’re too Holy to do so.

  • Did you complain to the Principal about the students being forced to take them. If it is the Principal who came up with the idea for people to come in and hand out New Testaments, then you should complain to the school governors or the county education department

  • I doubt very much that they were handed out “at school”. Probably just off school property.

    And yes, what a waste….you think these dunder-headed hypocrites would get the message after so long.

  • Fine with me if they want to waste their money. I always take the crap they are handing out too. I can toss it way cheaper than they can buy it.

  • Jesus spoke to everybody.
    Some laughed at him.
    Still, some appreciated what they heard ….or in this case, what they could read.

  • where the heck do you live???? first, i’ve never heard of a school that forced kids to take copies of the new testament. second, i have never seen children so crazy upset that they would burn the bible, tear it up, or play football with it. you seriously live in a crazy, f*ed up neighborhood and it doesn’t sound like any town in american i’ve ever been to. your kid goes to an extremist school

    just saw that you live in the UK, so that makes perfect sense lol. europe is full of crazy atheists there.

  • If only one child read it, learned from it, if only one child found God from that copy, then no, my answer would be no. I’m a good Christian and I think it would be worth it.

  • Seriously…. Let’s say I went to school passing out the Koran…. These Christians would be pissed!!! SO aren’t schools non-denominational?

  • Tell the kids to read the part where Jesus gets up after being dead three days, and starts walking around like nothing ever happened, and then he rose into the sky and became a god.

    The part I like is where Jesus says he’s sending a sacred ghost while he’s away.
    At the next meeting the sacred ghost shows up, only it’s Jesus’ uncle wearing a sheet. He serves wine and muffins, and pretty soon everybody is speaking a language they don’t understand.

  • wowwhat’s wrong with our youth. no respect for anything they don’t understand. we need more morals in our schools. that’s really sad.

  • I’d be asking the school why they allowed them to be passed out. It’s one thing for a child to share their faith and be allowed to do so. It’s another to allow them to pass out propaganda.

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