My solar plexus has shifted.I am in Bangalore. Is there any one who can help me in this matter?

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It all started with loose motions -not amenable to drugs. Then I did the yogasanas suggested by Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari.The loose motions stopped on the same day but I am having panic attacks.The matching of the line of hands shows that solar plexus
is not in the correct position. As I am in Bangalore I need some one who can help me here.It is very very unfortunate that all most all Ayurveda experts are ignorant about nabhi chakra problems.So called yoga experts are worse.

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Have you ever tried Reiki? My husband used to have frequent panic attacks until I started giving him Reiki sessions. Now he rarely has one.
Reiki can be done in person or by distance. Energy has no boundaries.

Vishwanathan S

there is a book called “Health in your Hand”. I am away from India and would be returning to Mumbai by first week of March. In the meantime u may just send a test-mail to me on I hope I shd be able to help you. I can procure and send you the books (2 in number). I shall respond to your ‘test mail’ by 2nd week of March after consulting few more persons in Mumbai. Wishing you all the best = you can address me as “Nathan”

Kamal T

Type “shifted solar plexus” in google and go to second page.
click on – Acupressure is based on the theory of Qi or life……..
As Nathan mentioned about the book ‘Health in your hands’, it’s a very good book. You will get the same procedure to rectify your solar plexus at the above mentioned site as it is given in this book. I am suffering from the same problem but it came to my notice only when it had become chronic. I am doing the lamp procedure. I got little relief but the plexus has not come to its place yet. I think it may take time. I agree with you that modern science does not believe in such therapies.


I am afraid that there is no such thing as a shifted solar plexus or nabhi chakra. THere are plenty of good GI physicians in Bangalore. Please consult one of them.


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