Home Discussion Forum my shaman incantation ritual..?

my shaman incantation ritual..?

within the next two weeks, a shaman is going pass on the power of shamanism to me, im having an incantation ritual but what can i do now? i feel like i can only wait and not “practice”


  1. Enjoy it. You’ve got the rest of your life after the power has been passed on to you to worry about it. Right now, pursue something else you would like to. Because it is going to be very busy from here on out in ways you cant even imagine yet.

  2. Congratz 😀
    I guess just continue to live your life as normally as you can.
    Treat this like High School Graduation. It’s a big deal so you can be nervous. But just because your ending high school, doesn’t mean you can relax for the rest of the school year. You still have to work hard and try. Also, this is only the beginning.
    I wish you luck 🙂


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