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My rose quartz seems to have worked?

Ive had a kind of harrowing situation with a friend/love interest.
I bought a piece of unpolished rose quartz for me to charge with my energy, best wishes for him, hope for us to make amends and go forward from our current situation, etc. I held it in my right hand several times for a good amount of time whilst thinking about him and all of the good stuff we have shared, how I feel about him, etc.
The strange thing is that he has started coming around.. he has started to initiate contact with me more than before, has started contacting me more, mentioned that he was thinking about me the other night, has dropped rather un-subtle hints about us getting together again, etc.
Almost all of this coincides with me charging my quartz with my best energies, etc.
Coincidence? Well-directed energies? Circumstance?
What do you think?
Snowdawg- I assure you that nothing sinister has been invoked. Were talking about energy and transferrance of energy- its as natural as sunlight or running water. The rose quartz is a means of channelling it. I am a Catholic and Ill thank you not to speak on behalf of God. Show some reverance. Our God is not a hateful one that threatens us with fires of hell, he is love.


  1. I have always considered rose quarts my favorite of the semi-precious stones. and not just because it is that lovely shade of pink 🙂
    It is well known for its positive energy, and is often used it healing. Perhaps you ex(?) had feelings inside that needed healing, even if you didn’t realize it, and you helped him heal them, so that he is more comfortable and open to being with you again.
    Either way, best of luck ^_^

  2. I am going to tell you something and I want you to listen carefully, I am a deliverance minister and I work with people who are into occultic practices and hanging around what some call familiar spirits(demonic)! The fact you think you have some sort of power beyond what the God of Israel
    has given man in His word(the Bible) tells me you are most certainly consulting familiar spirits. Now a word of caution
    I was once into tarot cards,oiujja boards and witchcraft
    after awhile these demons will come into your life
    seeking at some point to possess you personally! think I am wrong then you need to look at people who practice such things they are often dark and in some sort of bondage or oppression they like scarring the body(cutters) and manipulating others and they have a real offense for the things of God and
    our Savoir Jesus Christ rest assured all who practice such things the bible tells us “they will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven” but they will be cast into a lake of fire prepared for the devil and his demons. You see hell is real if you have doubts watch the trailer on my website
    23 minutes in hell by Bill Wiese!
    or the video entitled Shocking!
    if your a Christian and you think your going to heaven!
    I think what you’ll find is alot of people

  3. “Seems” is the operant word here. This demonstrates that you may have a biased view. That would be expected when you believed in this enough to buy a crystal for some mystical principle. Then spending the money has a very strong self-confirming effect.
    Crystals don’t do anything but reflect light in attractive ways. Magical effects are a myth. So your question is properly placed. Some folks have made a bundle by adding these special “abilities” to their value. I think aroma-therapy was a better con. Candles are really cheap to make.
    I think I’ll start selling little packets of “Soul Sand.” Different hues will have different effects. Compatibility, happiness, memory, stamina, intelligence, contentedness, balance, focus, energy, etc.
    Pixey, I second that.


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