My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness, Dalai Lama?






Is this the perfect religion? The only acceptable religion to satisfy a persons desire to be a good/decent human being (If that is your aim/desire)? To be content? To leave this place better than we found it? The only good religion? The only entirely good religion?
I’m interested in your thoughts please.


  1. Kindness isn’t a religion, it is an attitude. It is a good attitude too, so why weigh it down with all the bad attitude baggage that comes with religion?

  2. Humanism.
    I personally don’t believe in any particular religion but i do believe in good virtues and values.
    be nice to people who are nice to you and don’t bother about the ones who are not at the same time stand for yourself when time asks for.

  3. You know, in John 10:9, Jesus says He is the door to (heaven, really) the sheepfold. We are the sheep. In verse one of the same chapter, He points out that if we choose to enter the sheepfold through any other way, other than the door, that person is a thief and a robber. What does this mean? I’ll tell you.
    Our works, our goodness, our kindness, our love, our opinions, they are good as far as they go; but anything apart from faith in the wonderful blood of Jesus, (what He taught and demonstrated) represents another door. He taught these things yes, but only as fruits from a relationship with Him/God. Therefore, if we do these things apart from him and expect them to make us worthy for a godly reward, then we would have done them in vain. We would have been trying to enter through another door.

  4. All religion is basically good if you ask a follower of it but that is not the real question? Believing in a supreme creator of all things in the Infinity of space is to a form of belief and one that is understandable.
    What you describe is how one should best live their life which is highly commendable and should be followed by every person. Why do people insist that their religion is the only true an faithful one in which to follow is beyond me, No matter how far you go back religion has brought about wars that have led to the destruction of life through violence.
    Wars are still being fought by people because some religious fanatic thinks it is just mean while they stay behind the lines and send hundreds to their deaths? The same can be said for the world leaders who claim to be policing the world for humanity a very laudable thing to say but were the people asked if they wanted their sons and daughters to lay their lives on the line in another country because it serves world peace? I would agree that nobody would ever wish to see another Genghis Khan or Hitler or even a Saddam Husein. But when are people going to stand up and say; Enough is Enough! Look around the world today and think about the hot spots that are brewing up we have North Korea – Iran – Afghanistan – Pakistan – to name but a few should the free world go in and fight all of them in the name of peace? Must we have Wars to end the threat of possible wars? I am now in my fiftys and have served under the colours and I am very proud to say no matter what I will always support our service people in what ever conflict they serve and will never blame them for serving their country. It is the politicians who make these brave souls place their lives on the line and it is them we have to remove if they have made a critical error of judgement. I have searched for something all my life which has a simple belief that there is one creator of all things but is not a religion, One body of like minded people who believe in a just cause by protecting the weak and the infirm – someone who belives that Charity helps to improve the spirit of ones own soul across the world and not just at home – That the human race is a family of many colours and that we can all be related if we ignore the barriers that governments set up – One law for the good of humankind is what is needed and not just for our selves. That we should always remember those who are worse of than us always should always be at the forefront of a persons mind and so offer help to those less fortunate if we can. These are simple things to follow, Do not brake the law of the land, as without any order there is Chaos to be found and greedy evil minded people will feed of from those to weak to stand up for themselves. I say if you wish to make your mark in life then do so and make it count by exposing the evil that others do and make this a safe world to bring up children who will respect those around them. certain laws need to be changed to make things better so get on the better campaign waggon before it is to late. I became a FreeMason because Freemason’s are people from all walks of life. Rich and Poor they come from every kind of back ground and religion. They believe in the fundemental principles of trying to make themselves into being better people that will step forward and help others in their time of need. They seek not credit for what they do. They are just people who just believe that there is a Supreme Creator in all things and do not ask who your God is, but just ask if you have a Faith in one. They believe that Family values are very important but no more than Education and Health. Charity is another principle they live buy and seek to help those less fortunate than themselves always. They are Not a Religious Order and neither do they practice the dark arts as other would have people believe, they maybe your next door neighbour or a close family friend. Would this mean the Dalai Lama could be FreeMason? they have the same views ?
    This may not answer your question but I hope it give you another view point which is Just be the best person you can, Respect others and help them if you can harm none but stand up for those that cannot. Do not let the bully rule the play ground but teach him how things might be made better for him if he lives his life in a simpler way. Money may help ease lifes worry’s but also gives you more to be worried about accept what you have and use only what you need to survive on and use the rest of it wisely to help others, I could no more go overseas on a holiday to enjoy myself knowing the is a family forced to live on the streets or a child somewhere has no food can YOU?

  5. The practice of Buddhist Dharma is to transcend all desire in order to eradicate suffering.If we desire to be good or decent we will never attain goodness or decency.What the Biddha taught was not something to believe in but some thing to act upon.To understand the nature of anguish,let go of it’s origins,realize it’s cessation and cultivate a path leading to awakening of truth.This is is a challenge to embrace all aspects of human experience as the cure to suffering.
    It is achievable for everyone because of it’s simplicity.The source of the truth that is love and compassion is in us all and lies hidden beneath our ego-self.It is this ego-self that creates and feeds anguish to us all,everyday which we project out into the world and recieve back.
    Buddhism is not actually a religion.Buddha did not have a shattering revelation that revealed the mysteries of god or the universe and he taught that to seek answers to the unknowable deflects us from the truth of what we are that lies beyond seeking.
    There is a Buddhist find yourself is to lose yourself..and in doing so we have other words we must lose desire,wanting,craving and clinging of the ego-self in order to know the peace that is the true nature of the mind.We can then project our peace to the world and create universal harmony.
    This is what the Dalai Lama is become what we are which is kindness,love and compassion in order to share and extend our kindness love and compassion in order to heal mankind.
    This is wisdom.There is not one single person no matter what thier religious beliefs are who cannot experience the truth of the Dharma.
    This is what sets Buddhism apart from religious belief systems.It is not about believeing it is about acting,,doing,, and excludes no-one.

  6. Religion is the great light in our hearts and this light must never be let to go dark,this light is kindness,this light is love,this life is trust,but above all this light is LIFE.This light is not to be kept in the sacred sanctuary of our heart but to be shared with all who are willing to receive.

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