my question is in buddha dhamma. please anybody clarify me?





Again i love and respect buddhism and buddha. I want to clear my doubts.
as my being a youngster , I love dancing and singing and watching theatrical movies and love watching nature beauty inch by inch and making my mind happy, But in dhamma of buddha, he says we should refrain from singing and dancing, avoid everything which attracts your eye even if it s nature… I doubt that i should not sing and dance if i follow dhamma, and nature is for us we have to watch and enjoy it inch by inch. If i follow dhamma, i should not enjoy the beauty of nature and hear films songs , if doing so should i sit idle .what should i do,, what is dhamma in this , i m confused. please tell me


  1. There are no reasons not to sing and dance as long as you do it with mindfulness.
    Full monastic( monks/nuns) have taken vows against those things but usually not the lay followers.
    The whole of Buddhism is not to become attached to things in a way that is detrimental to your advancing on the path.
    doing things in an always mindful manner will help you to keep from having attachment issues.
    Sing, dance, have fun , but realize it is all empty, nothing will last forever !

  2. Buddhist monastics (monks and nuns) follow very strict rules about behavior. Among other things, these rules prohibit monks and nuns from dancing, singing and other forms of entertainment.
    These rules do not apply to Buddhist lay people, however. Buddhist lay people can enjoy singing and dancing, the beauty of nature, and the richness of intimate human relationships.
    Even when dancing, your mind can follow the dhamma. Even when singing, your mind can follow the Buddha Way.
    If you keep a mind that only follows the dhamma, then your singing and dancing will be quite beautiful because it will be for the benefit of all beings.
    When you see a movie, your heart will open to the many kinds of suffering in this world.
    When you enjoy nature, you will experience the deep connections that hold all beings together.
    The dhamma teaches us that all things are inter-connected. So when you dance, all beings will dance. When you sing, all beings will sing. Your clear mind will help this world. Good luck!

  3. I’ve no idea what it’s about, but if it means you can’t sing and dance and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you and makes your soul sing, then it can’t be good in my opinion. My advice is to carry on feasting your eyes and senses, because when in spirit you will look forward to reflecting back on those memories.

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