My psychic dreams and their meanings what can i do?

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ok so a few weeks ago i posted a question of whether im psychic or not i believe that i am in a way ok so my first encounter must be when i was 6 or 7 i get most of the things i see in my dreams i saw jesus in a castle looking out through a window with roses all around. I asked my mother what that ment she sed its protection? so if anyone has had this dream before can u please explain.
The other one was in my old apartment i kept being scared of a certain corner of my room it was dark and i felt a bad thing was in there.
And now im scared of dolls well for a few years i have been i think people might be in them idk how to explain
In my dreams i can sense death or someones death in one of my dreams my family was walking down the street near my school it was a bright day but something black kept moving over me and then i say dead gray people and they kept holding me down i wanted to talk but i couldn’t and i wanted to pray but i couldnt i kept running but i was running slow. IDK help
sry if i misspell i meant i saw
what can i do to build this up and im scared of demons or something is going to overtake me or something i recognize that im overly sensative and my parents know that i am and things like that they listen to me my mom can do it and my older sister but they kind of backseat the ability a little bit..
so help suggestions can i talk to these spirits i feel they are watching me y was my dream so scary y cant i talk or scream in them HELP!!!!

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You just have to learn to live with the dreams. With mine I learned to use them to my advantage because I know what is going to happen. Some of the dreams are scary , but if you know that something bad is going to happen you can prepare for it and it is not as scary.


I’d say 50% of the kids ( ages from (4-7 I guess)
are likely to face something like this.( I happen to be one those 50% along with you) You are not the first person i met that had ghost experience, phychic experience, and exc.
I had a dream kind of like that, but instead it was taking place at a church in the middle of the night. ( IDK, but I think I was with a group of satanic worshipers, you know the ones with the star in the middle of the circle) I tried running, but I kept running slow I got caught so i woke up)
I think satan is just trying to scare you or you might have evil spirits in your house.
I heard about this superstition. ( if you have bad dreams) it would attract evil spirits around( mainly in the room up are in)
I don’t know how long they stay, but that’s all that i remeber.

Amethyst M

Well, the not being able to get away and not being able to scream are quite common in dreams. When we are afraid of something it feels like we can’t get away. I think you obviously have some psychic abilities and are sensitive to energies. Unfortunately that makes us sensitive to all sort of things too. If your mum and your sister work in the psychic/mediumship field, then they must ensure the house is cleansed and the energy cleared. When you wake every morning visualise a white light all around you and ask your spirit guide to protect you from negative energies. I would assume if your mother does this work she will already have told you this, I hope so anyway. I think the dream when you were young was indeed a sign that you will be protected in your life, but you must ensure that if you do any work with spirit or psychic work you must be careful. Just before you go to sleep at night, visualise the white light around you again to keep your dreams less frightening.


Do u believe in .God ? If so prey to him a lot before u sleep , always prey & mention .God to protect u . Running is good in dreem it mean safe & defaet enemies.

Debbie V

Stop, try to make your mind open, and call “LORD JESUS!! OH, LORD JESUS.
Any kind of anything dark will flee at the name of the King.
TX Mom


Mine are close to yours when i dream it happens the next day i dreamt my step mom had a miscarrige and it happened
and i dreamt my papa Phil died of a heart attack while driving and killed two others the next day it was on the news
and while i dream these things i can feel what they are feeling sadness happiness pain well my cousin is a surfer and was attacked by a tiger shark about two days before this i dreamt that very same thing and my leg became numb as if i wasnt there and my cousin’s leg was torn off and came cose to dying of blood loss

rüya tabiri

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