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My mother had a miscarriage, and she said later she consulted a clairvoyant priest who told her she had four.?

Children, not three (I am one of three). Is it possible I have a brother in heaven, or do souls get reincarnated, and is it possible I could meet him on this plane?
I am serious, so please don’t make fun of me. Thanks.


  1. Well, your question falls outside of parapsychology and is really a religious question. Have you tried asking in Religion & Spirituality? To answer your question, all things are said to be possible in matters of faith, but not in matters of science.

  2. Outside of any science or religion, taken into the world of the energetic realm, your “brother” could have decided not to incarnate at that time, and so your mother had a miscarriage. This energetic being could be connected to your family and would still be “aware” of you at any time he chose to be, which means that you could also be “aware” of him. If you like to read, try such books as “Seth Speaks” or “The Field” by Lynn McTaggert. The Field is purely scientific. It will give you some interesting concepts that are at the very least thought-provoking.

  3. Well more than likely they will reincarnate because the universe wastes nothing and recycles everything and as such why should we think we aren’t as well.

  4. It’s possible you have a brother in heaven (if such a place exists), but I think it’s far more likely the priest was feeding your mother a load of horse hockey.

  5. This is possible with children who haven’t had a chance to live. It is likely that this child is tied to the Earth or has been reincarnated in a different body. I think it’s unlikely that’s he’s on that plane but you never know.

  6. Souls do get reincarnated, but don’t think of us as being in one place at one time. Picture our lives like an illusion, we are trapped in time, something that does not exist in ‘heaven’. We are in heaven right now, we just aren’t experiencing it. Your miscarried brother is in heaven, his spirit probably follows your family around calling your mom ‘mommy’ and such. I often see miscarried children following their parents around in spirit. I hope this helped, and please believe me that it is the truth.

  7. If this is a Catholic priest. He’s way out of line and needs to be reported to his superiors.
    Don’t take anything this priest says seriously. He’s obviously confused and possibly deranged.

  8. My brother jason was miscarried by an ectopic pregnancy. I pray and talk to him all the time and i love him with all my heart even though i have never met him. Hes still my brother and i pray everyday that i will see him in heaven. Miscarriages are living things that have died. He is and will always be part of me. I love you jason hughes.


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