My mom promised to clear out a meditation room for me?

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and then she changed her mind. My dad basically lauged at me…
Help! They don’t respect me or the art of meditation. I don’t feel comfortable meditating in my room, everyone passes running, by screaming and playing. I can’t drown them out with plugs…
I dont want to meditate at a park. I’ve been everywhere asking at churches, yoga studios, but I can’t find a spot in the big city (los angeles)
I don’t know where to go?

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Perhaps you must not find a place so much as you must find a time.
many people I know pray at 5 am


Garage, basement, attic, closet… anywhere you can sit.
Or look for a group on the intrawebnet.


How about checking with a local mall. There are special hours for mall walkers in our area. If these aren’t available, go an hour before closing time when crowds thin and children are taken home for the day, and try early opening times.
Also, how about downloading audio files and using them with local walks around the block, during a nice bubble bath, at a trusted friend’s house who might have space to lend you 🙂
Don’t give up!
Here’s to your success 🙂


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