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my mom is into magic and makes me do strange rituals, How to get her to stop?

Its really scaring me….
This all happened one year ago when she started buying books on how to improve your luck and “praying to some weird idol to get get rich”. She now askes to buy green candles and repeat creepy chants.
How do i tell my mom to stop because i tried before and she got very angry.


  1. Start laughing when she tries to get you to do something. Most people who do that stuff take it really seriously, if you crack up they get really offended and angry the first time but they wont ask you to do it again.

  2. You probably can’t get her to stop but you don’t have to participate. If she gets really abusive, call Child Protective Services.

  3. Pray!!! God will take you out of this situation if you pray with all your heart. He will hear your prayers. On that you can DEPEND!
    I don’t know how old you are but I would also say something about this to another adult or even a church.!
    I will also pray for you. If you need anything more, please e-mail me. Perhaps I can help.

  4. Remind her that Jesus is coming soon according to the word of God and burn those books now, or eventually Jesus will take matters into his owns hands and burn them when he comes. Above all, pray without ceasing for God’s presence and satan’s banishment.

  5. First pray for the forgiveness of your sins and for those of your mom. Then pray in the name of Jesus for the demons that she is communicating with to be banished and to never return. Pray that God send angels to come and surround you and your mom and to protect you from Satan and his demons. The spiritual world is real and there is a war going on, our only choice is which side to stand on and fight with.

  6. Good trolling attempt.
    Very few pagans pray to idols, that’s a Christian conception. Also, the usual color for money is a red candle, not green.
    Good try though, B+. A bit more homework and you’ll have it right.

  7. Explain to your mother that you don’t share her belief in this deity she has chosen to worship in order to get rich. Tell her that her belief doesn’t feel right to you and you have the right to worship as you feel is appropriate to you and your understanding of the Creator and the Universe. It has been my experience that if you have faith in the Creator you will be provided with the tools to get what you need but not always what you want and my person belief is that you can’t get rich by praying but by doing.

  8. According to our Creator’s Word:
    Children Deserve to Be Wanted and Loved
    – Mistreatment of Children Takes Many Forms…
    The UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child http://watchtower.org/e/20001208/diagram_01.htm
    —“The right to be brought up in a spirit of understanding, tolerance, friendship among peoples, peace, and universal brotherhood.”
    —“The right to enjoy these rights regardless of race, color, sex, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, and property, birth, or other status.”
    Although parents may have the right to teach their children about whatever religion they chose (within reason, according to the courts), they do not have the right to force their children to adopt or practice any religion. Children have the right to decide for themselves about their religious preferences & practices. Therefore, what you say your Mom is doing, is against US law, & the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child. This means that you can request help in handling this situation, from a school counselor / nurse / teacher, a doctor, a minister, a child welfare worker, or even a police officer. Each of these (in the USA) is legally obligated to help you…
    Your concerns are very real, as can be seen from the info discussed in:
    What You Should Know About Witchcraft :
    – Who Dwell in the Spirit Realm?
    – Is Some Magic Good?
    – What About Evil Spirits?
    – Religion Based on Truth http://watchtower.org/e/20000401/article_02.htm
    Dabbling in the Occult—What’s the Harm?
    – The Lure of the Occult
    – God’s View of the Occult
    – Breaking Free From Occult Practices
    – Do NOT Fight Alone! http://watchtower.org/e/20020122a/article_01.htm
    People who are ‘into’ these practises
    can become unexpectedly & unreasonably angry, & even violent.
    This is not a safe situation to be in, for anyone.
    Parental responsibilities include PROTECTING their children from ALL forms of possible harm—CERTAINLY NOT forcing them to engage in such! http://watchtower.org/e/19931008a/article_01.htm
    Please ask someone you trust for help!
    Your life is *precious*, & ought to be guarded! http://watchtower.org/e/20050201/article_02.htm

  9. Pray to Jesus. And pray to Him with all your soul, your heart and your mind. That’s the only powerful tool you can have against your mom’s demonic indulgence.

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