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My mom is a psychic medium. I am 19…will I become one/Is this a sign?

My mom is an honest psychic medium. I am 100% sure she is real because she doesn’t allow people to tell her anything about them before or during the readings and will come up with stuff like how people died, secrets noone else would know, stuff they hid and where and what it was, and she has even read the book of death down to the day multiple times (and yes, it came true).
Also, one of my aunts has seen ghost, but can’t speak to them.
My mom claimed she started seeing spirits at around my age. I usually have extremely vivid dreams, but lately…I won’t remember them and then suddenly something happens that day and I see a video clip in my head of my dream which predicted it…I remember when someone very close to me died, I had a vivid dream where we held a conversation on the beach and once I felt better I woke up.
I also for a couple weeks a few years ago would randomly see what looked like a body wrapped up in a black tarp. It would sleep floating next to me and sometimes it would be standing up right in the shower. I was scared at first, but decided it was a guardian angel and it disappeared. ^__^
Anyways, please let me know! I am very curious! Thanks 🙂


  1. You can learn cold reading tricks just like your mom, how to search the internet for information, etc., so if you want to be a psychic medium, then sure.

  2. It’s not hard to see that you are convinced that it’s a sign, and maybe it is. There are still plenty of mysteries and unexplained events in the world, and each of us will decide for ourselves what is most likely happening.
    One thing you may want to do is keep a journal so you can look at it sometime in the future and see what you think of things. It’s best to write down your experiences when they are fresh in your mind.

  3. “My mom is an honest psychic medium. I am 100% sure she is real ”
    If you truly believe this then organize to have your Mom tested at one of the many skeptic societies that offer a cash prize for demonstrating psychic abilities under controlled conditions. If winning money is distasteful to you then boost your karma by donating it to a charity.

  4. If you have a close relationship with your mother, then you have a good start. She can teach you all the dirty little tricks to faking psychic abilities.
    The ability to do them, and the lack of morals required to lie to people is up to you.

  5. It seems like people that are introduced to psychic stuff when they are kids, they tend to be more receptive/sensitive to it later in life. Younger minds are more open and receptive; when people grow up, they start to tune out psychic activity. I would bet you have a pretty good chance of being fairly psychic now, and later in life. Especially if you practice and stay open-minded. =)
    I am 19, too. And I have had quite a bit of experience from talking to my mom, and finding stuff out on my own. I had experienced psychic stuff earlier in life, too. I still have a lot to learn though. =o

  6. I am very sorry that some mean people said such nasty things about your Mom, when they don’t even know her. If your relationship with your Mom is close, then you should be discussing this with her or other family members you trust.
    Something so valuable to you, something that will enrich your life should be cherished and not aired where bigots may reply to your questions. Some people have very closed minds. That is their problem, not yours. keep an open mind and enjoy life. It sounds with your lack of “:fear” that you have a good start in being balanced and sensible with your possible future gifts & talents.

  7. talk in depth about these questions with your Mom. She probably has the answers you are looking for. She, I assume would be the first person you should inquire questions to. Prayer and asking God to help guide you helps alot to.

  8. Well there are psychics and there are mediums and some people can be both. You could inherit it but it doesn’t mean you will. Many people have dreams that you’ve described. If you can actually predict something that actually happens–not by guessing but by “knowing”–and/or speak with someone that has passed over, you might be both or one or the other. Many people use Tarot cards to help themselves get in tune with their psychic abilities, and many people can never get in complete tune without the cards. Hope that helps. Don’t listen to the naysayers because there are real psychics and mediums out there.


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