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My mom had a wiccan wedding?

She is not wiccan as far as I know (we are not very close) and her new hubby is definitely not. I know she is in to spiritual things (tarot, meditation, psychic mediums, tantra Al-anon….) but I am just wondering why someone would choose to have a wiccan wedding? The ceremony was very pretty, done in a circle, strewn with fresh flowers, a broom to sanctify the space and an altar with symbols to represent elements of earth, air, fire and water….they were bound together (loosely) with a rope ‘the knot’ during the ceremony…
She wore white and it was very pretty and not dark and creepy at all but I just don’t get it, any wiccans care to enlighten me?


  1. It sounds like a very lovely service. I hope they have many wonderful years together. It’s nice to here about love being shared on here for once. Thanks for the smile.

  2. I actually heard from a wiccan that their ceremonial marriage convenant lasts only a year or so. I think I heard her right on that!
    Also, many wiccans believe in white and dark magic.

  3. You should ask your mom why she did it. But probably she chose to have a pagan style wedding because she rejects mainstream religion but wanted something deeply meaningful and spiritual without the crap that other religious ceremonies might have brought in. (Wiccan is something specific, not all pagan style weddings are wiccan, and if not presided over by a wiccan priest or priestess, was not such)

  4. I’m not sure I understand your question … I guess I would answer … why not a Wicca wedding?
    Sounds to me like your mom is Wicca …
    Pagan wedding are very beautiful events … Very festive as a wedding should be. I have been to a few.

  5. Are you sure it was a Wiccan wedding and not just a general Pagan one? I had to correct the caterers at my daughter’s wedding, they had told their staff it was a Wiccan wedding, I had to point out that actually it wasn’t, we are Pagan, not Wiccan. A Wiccan priest signed the marriage certificate because he was legally able to do that under Ontario law, but he did not officiate at the ceremony. There really is a difference.

  6. That is not necessarily a Wiccan wedding.
    More of a Celtic Handfasting, like my wife and I had. An authentic one that existed before the christian mythology ruined everything.
    Wicca is a belief in the Goddess and light. NOT dark and satanic like christians want to believe.

  7. As a Wiccan, I have no idea why your mother would choose to married in the way you describe. The only person who can answer that question is your mother and her husband.
    What you are describing sounds like a handfasting. Not everyone who would choose to do that would necessarily be Wiccan. She may have chosen that type of ceremony because it represented her beliefs more accurately than another type of service. Here is the wikipedia entry on Handfastings – the info is a decent basic overview – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handfasting
    If you really want to know why she chose this type of ceremony, you are just going to have to ask her.
    Edit – also, I don’t know why you are surprised that she wore white instead of something “dark and creepy”. Wicca is a religion. It is about honoring our gods, not dressing a dark and creepy. If you saw an average Wiccan walking down the street, you’d never guess they were Wiccan as they dress just like everyone else. You really need to educate yourself on what Wicca is and isn’t. Here is an excellent resource with basic information for people who have similar misconceptions – http://wicca.timerift.net/wicca101/index.shtml

  8. Is the question why she would have a Wiccan-style wedding? As you asking about her motivations, you really should be asking her. At a guess (and this is totally a guess), the symbolism of the ceremony appealed to her and her husband.
    In a reverse scenario, I am Wiccan and was married in a Unitarian universalist ceremony. While no deities wree mentioned in the ceremony, the ceremony had most of the trappings of a traditional Christian wedding: church building, walking down the aisle, white dress, veil, etc. The ceremony appealed to me, even if the religion that is traditionally associated with it does not.

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHA, sorry, but did you say dark and creepy? wiccans (most) aren’t dark and creepy but very earth like and beautiful. it must have been a beautiful wedding! if that is how they chose to tie the knot, why not?

  10. I believe you answered your own question. She obviously believes in some of the same things that many Wiccans believe in, and the ceremony itself was extremely nice.
    That’s all you need.
    And being surprised about it not being dark and creepy is… well, I don’t know wether to be insulted, or just relieved that your mother chose to have a Wiccan wedding in TRUE Wiccan style.
    Your mother obviously knew what she was doing, why don’t you ask her this question?

  11. Well hello there!
    From what I can tell either your mother was just interested in having a very spiritual and different wedding or maybe she has a newly interest towards Wicca.
    Keep in mind that being wiccan does not mean we are creepy dark witches from the fair tales, we focus on the divine beauty in everyday nature. In agreement to “Nyssa” a true wiccan wedding would never be dark, nor creepy.
    But to be sure why not just ask your mother?


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