My meditation teacher keeps telling me to look through my third eye. Unfortunately I don't have one….?

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..would my third nipple do instead?

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your funny


I think you might find you are sitting right on top of it!


i tried but got arrested

random questions

there is no visual third eye. ita virtual. try to concentrate on the centre of ur head, with ur eyes closed. that is ur third eye.

sandy s

You’re in the wrong class.




Your third eye is supposed to be situated in the middle of your forehead, I sense you dont take your meditation very seriously


kick the meditation teacher and read the bible. the god’ word.


is that not the one they call the brown eye also BECAUSE PEOPLE SURE TALK ALOT THROUGH IT

Lugh K

That’s a Familiar question 😉

man from utopia

I order for one to see the true meaning of religion one must look through their brown eye.


uhhhhh…. yeah… maybe you need to forget that teacher and reach for God’s Word


Sure, but what would you see?

patricia p

you cannot be at all spiritual because you wouldnt take the mickey out of the third eye, ther are a lot of people out there who see through the third eye and help a lot of people if i was you you should give up meditation and do something else to occupy your time and stop wasting your teachers time and all the other people who are serious about the matter. if you lost someone close who would the first person you would go and seek a medium perhaps these people are very caring and understanding and give time to people who need a lot of advice and understanding.

☺ Mathew ☺

Haha! You ask the funniest questions!!
Your third nipple would do fine if you have one (some people have them you know?) but I think your meditation teacher may putting the move on you if he wants to look through it too. Better watch it while you are saying “Ohmm”, he might be looking at your third nipple and saying “Ohhhh.”


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