My LAST question about witchcraft, help?

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Okay this is my last question about it. I just have to ask, do wiccans and witches both use book of shadows or do witches use something totally different?
no, there’s no “give it up and read the bible” and no stupid answers. if you want to say something stupid forget it.
thanks if you put good answers down =). not like some people who dont know shit….
I like cheese. :9

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kenny p

give it up and read the Bible


many wiccans call themselves witches.
many people who are witches do not follow the wicca way.
a book of shadows can be used by a wiccan or by a non-wiccan; or by a witch, or by a non-witch.
there is no reason why a telephone engineer with no interest in wicca shouldn’t use a book of shadows (the way he might use tarot cards or a runeset:- as a casual hobby).
a book of shadows is not unique to followers of wicca.
as your other poster points out the bible itself makes an excellent book of shadows, understood in the correct way. the study of the bible as a book of shadows is usually associated with the kaballah.

Bro. Dan

Warning! The use of dark powers can adversely affect the health of your loved ones.


i am a wiccan and a witch. i have a book of shadows. its just a collection of spells and other information regarding my religion. i also have a diary attached to it that i write down any thoughts i have partaining to wicca.
not everyone keeps them, and most certainly they are not all the same.


Only those whose souls are in darkness use Book of Shadows…the name of the book speaks for itself.
Come out of the darkness!
God has delivered us from the power of darkness & has translated us into the Kingdom of His dear Son, the Kingdom of Light.


Check it out for yourself – Wikipedia! Be warned now, you are now stepping into a world that is loaded with danger and only JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY will be able to pull you out of. Let it be known, that you have been warned that once Satan has control he does not like letting go!


Wiccans keep a Book of Shadows because its the thing to do. Buy it, copy it, download it – its all good.
A witch keeps a Book of Shadows because its her life’s progression. She uses it.
A shaman does not keep a book. A shaman’s very existence is the book.
4 decades of personal experience
Before you start with all the Christian hocus pocus, I was a Priest before I began my occult studies.
I turned to the occult because the Christian myth failed miserably when actually put to the fire.
Check my website, its all there in black and white.

victor 7707

How can you believe in witches and wiccan and not believe in Jesus?? Don’t let the old devil drag you down to his level, look up John 8:44 of the Holy Bible in the new Testament.


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