My Hands Got Paralyzed While I Was In Trance – I Woke Up and My Hands Were Still Paralyzed – I Need Suggestion?





My Question:
1. Can you please explain what this crazy tingling about? I feel like i could move them up but wasn’t easy for me. This tingling was on my belly/stomach too, very strong.
2. My hands got paralyzed eventhough i was totally awake. If somebody saw me would think i’m handicapped or so. Please explain.
Please read what happened so you can answer me correctly:
More Info:-
I’m into paranormal/spirituals knowledge. I do some meditations, building chi energy, telekinesis by my mind, let subtle smoke go out of a tip of a paper slowly by using telekinesis techniques and experienced many other paranormal activities in my life – i’m experimenting no more no less.
Yesterday, i was trying to attempt doing OBE which i haven’t done for a long time. I laid on bed, i closed my eyes, i started to relax and loose my muscles, breath slowly gradually until i reach to a level my breathing gets heavy i feel i need more and more air so inhale pretty well and feel not enough. Anyway, after 15 minutes my was in sleep but i was awake by conscious mind and most of the tingling located on my forearms and hands very heavily like my hand will explode literally.
I did the steps to get out of the mediation state. I woke up, i stop up but my hands/fingers were tingling very strongly like it will explode surely. Anyway, my hands were paralyzed too. I can’t move my finger, some fingers are bent and wrist looked up like what you see in here:
It remained for 15 minutes then i started to have some control. The tingling was very strong yet. I said let me try face my palms against each other, i could feel like something like magnetic/static energy on fingers tips when i put the palm near by against each other. When i touch my thigh, the tingling get reduced/go away. Its like going transfering. When i move my hands away my thigh/body part or object, the tingling appear again. I found the more inhale, the tingling increase and remain. Therefore, i decide to breath normally so at least i can rid of the heaviness and this feel of explosion.
I’m not an expert yet not get involved in energies much. I’m more into concentrating and increase awareness and visualization correctly.


  1. OBE’s are perfectly safe, but you may have gotten your astral body misaligned with the physical. Repeat the induction process but bring yourself back before you get out. This may help get the bodies back in alignment./

  2. This could be nothing more than self-induced paralysis or it could be sleep paralysis. It seems you have developed a very intricate belief system through which to interpret a mundane event.

  3. It could just be very poor circulation, maybe you over did it somehow. Or you could have experienced sleep paralysis which could have been due to normal physical reasons or paranormal reasons. Since you were trying to astral project, you may have gotten *stuck* somewhere and caused an episode of sleep paralysis.
    There are certain techniques that should be done routinely if you are very much focused on such things on a regular basis. Try grounding and learning how to shield yourself. When you are practicing things such as telekinesis, you may be asking your physical body to do things it is not accustomed to doing and/or gathering energy from your surroundings to do it. By grounding, you can get rid of random energy and replenish your energy if need be. That’s another thing you should keep in mind, you need to learn to recharge your batteries and take care of yourself. You can’t just keep exerting yourself spiritually and physically at the same time and not expect some kind of repercussion. An athlete who runs track knows that they have to drink lots of water and eat certain foods that are easily converted into energy. Well, you are working out the connection between your spirit and physical body, there are certain things you need to do to maintain your well being.
    Here are some articles on shielding and grounding.
    BTW, salt baths, being out in nature and meditation are also very helpful and could very well boost your results.

  4. Its actually a demon and you could get hurt somewhat.
    Demons are fallen angels, angels who rebelled against God. Demons are evil, deceptive, and destructive. According to 2 Corinthians 11:14-15, demons masquerade as ?angels of light? and as ?servants of righteousness.? Appearing as a ?ghost? and impersonating a deceased human being definitely is a disguise that demons use as well as other things like aliens wolves etc.
    You young people on here have alot of false information and Im worried about you all. I have read the other answers. Please dont be tricked. I dont want to see you get hurt. Satan is the father of all lies. Trust nothing but Christ
    God helps anyone even if they dont know him.
    1. Play Christian music.
    2. Say get out in Jesus name in each room.
    3. Throw away Ouija boards.
    4. Dont consult mediums or talk to spirits it will make it worse.
    5.. They are weak and God helps ne one who asks no matter who you are.
    If you have tried witchcraft/ghost communication you can reject it in Jesus name and ask forgiveness easily
    Report all you want but you can change personal experience. Experience proves what I have posted. I am 46
    Turn to God you can beat him…youre only hurting yourself. The devil wants to hurt you hes not your friend.

  5. An OBE. Way kool, but dangerous. I was informed from a Buddhist monk source, that whilst your performing an OBE, another spirit can take possession of your physical body.
    With knowing very little about OBE’s and meditation, I would consider consulting a mystic or your old meditation teacher. You more than likely have unbalanced your chi.
    PS. I am wondering how long it took you to type your question, with your hands the way they are?

  6. Try to find a hypnotherapist. You may have short circuited your mental software so to speak.While you were in a trance state you could have left yourself open to subliminal suggestions from your own sub-conscious thoughts or fears. I’m not an expert but since it was a trance state that resulted in the problem it may take a trance state guided by an expert to undo the problem,sort of like when that one hypnotist had to undo a whole room of people he’d accidentally hypnotized.

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