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My hands are made out of crystal and I can heal people and animals when I touch them.?

I’ve done that and brought back the dead. Should I be worried?


  1. r u kidding !? OR r u serious !?! if u r serious please tell me your no. & address.
    u can use your power 2 save d world ! 2 help the needy ones out there ! & there is no need 2 b worried it is a gift of god & u r luck 2 have it !!!!! go & use it but in a positive way please !!!!!!!!!
    GOOD LUCK !?

  2. No, No u don’t have to worried abt that its really gr8 job, Can I have ur address plz so that is there anyone died from my family I can bring them back through ur help.
    By the way what is ur fees?

  3. seriously? Why are you calling yourself a witch then? You should heal the people with uncurable diseases. Bringing people from the dead?
    I dont think so. Only a high power-GOd can do such- heal and raise the dead.

  4. Can you make people die too? That is wonderful gift and do you have to touch them right away after death or will it work just as well if they been dead for years? I think you need to bring back some people that were inspiration to us.


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