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My girlfriend seems to have lost her interest in sex. What can I do?

I’ve tried not complaining about it but have failed. I was very clear about what a sexual person I am from the beginning. That was one of my attractions towards her she was just as sexual as I was. We’ve been together almost a year. She has recently moved in with me. Prior to her moving in we had an amazing sex life. Unfortunately she was in another relationship and we were sneaking around. But, now that we’re finally together and beginning to build a life. She seems to have lost her desire to be with me. Do to the fact that majority of the time we have been together she was cheating on someone else. I can’t help to worry that it could be happening again. I do believe in Karma and I guess I would have it coming. I’ve told her why it worries me and that it’s not just lack of having sex but I’m concerned about what it means. We are also in a same sex relationship which is new for her. So, I’m also fearful that maybe it was just a phase and she maybe having second thoughts. What do I do? Do I continue to bring it up and try to talk about it with her? Should I just drop it for a while and if so how long?
She is in her late twenties
I actually don’t think she is cheating. Like I said she just moved in a couple weeks. We are together most of the time. We’re also borderline codependent so the rare times we are not together she’s usually texting or Iming. Not to say that it’s not possible that she’s having an affair but unlikely at this point. We’ve just started “playing house” other than the lack of sex we’re getting along very well. But, something must be wrong, right?


  1. .Now you see how foolish it is to get with someone you know will cheat. What’s the point? The relationship was fun for her when it was forbidden. Now it’s nothing special.
    Call it quits and move on…and work on gaining better morals and values before you get involved with someone else.
    Gotta looooooooove karma! ☺

  2. Maybe sneaking around is what made it fun, but now that you’re together and can do it whenever you want, it’s just lost that fun.

  3. I think you should sit her down and explain to her how this is affecting you.
    Lack of sex does mess up relationships and i dont think you should allow it to mess up yours.
    I really think what you both need is to talk to eachother, Tell her how you feel and ask her how she feels on the situation 🙂

  4. your not saying how old she is. just like some men women gets to a certain stage then they can go though spurts. sometimes they want it and sometimes they don,t

  5. cheating has a certain excitement… dont get me wrong, i am not encouraging anyone to cheat, but it is a fact that people who hide doing something get too excited doing it, and as they said, the fact that you are always together and could make it anytime make less exciting… and this could what is happening if we wanna assume that she is not cheating.. now what you are doing is not healthy, and the way you are always talking about that will make it seems like a duty for her and she willl like she wanna do it onlybecause you are asking for, you already explained your point to her and your concern, now try to avoid talking about it … + dont let her always feel you want her, you could try to let her feel like she needs to do something to turn you on, and she will not feel that if you keep on talking abount and hinting that you want it … and when you do it, make it you spice it up a little, try new things, new place, whatever just try to make it different to get the spark back… maybe this could make her come back to the hot zone… now if everything beside sex is going very well between both of you, like living and spending time together etc then i dont think you have to be concerned on what could be themeaning of that, but if you feel things are not going very well then yes you have to reconcider …


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