My friend went to a past-life regression class, after I told him not to go?





He is an African-American, and he found out that in a past life that he was Bedford Forrest – the founder of the KKK. Now he keeps trying to lynch himself. How do I help him?


  1. Tell him that what he has been told is only the opinion of another person who seeks to cause suffering.
    There is no such thing as past-life regression.
    This is a fad for minds as deluded as Shirley MacLaine’s who has fooled many people with her fantasies.
    Life can only be experienced in the now as it is for the individual.
    Looking at it from a Buddhist perspective though maybe your friend is Bedford Forrest and his punishment by karma is to experience being black therefore your friend should be delighted that this fact is a means to make the spirit or soul of Mr Forrest suffer for his wilful conduct as an evil racist.
    Peace and love and Gouranga.

  2. Ya? Tell him to stop playing with your head. Interesting psychological twist you have going there. Tell him the condition is to help make amends for African Americans bad start in America. It’s not terribly ironic when you think of it that way.

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