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my friend shs physic and just learning how to use her powers and she told me my aura is grey what does it mean

My friend Lara she has physic abailities and is just learning how to exercise them and she can read ora color but dosnt always know what it means and she told me mine was grey and that aura can change color….Does anyone know where I can look up this information so I can determine what it means? Or does anyone know what it means?


  1. Does it matter what a grey aura means? Whatever it probably meant was probably how you were feeling at the time.
    … Or your friend is a liar. :]

  2. i can see auras too and so can evryone especaly when they wer younger tell her to look at pepoles aura and then exsperament by steping back be more obserbant dont force her abilty and what ever coulor the aura is match it whith the way the person is acting anger sad e.c.t it also depend on what part of the body the aura is try looking at the arms or the head to start whith


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