My friend saw me having a Half white Aura and Half Black Aura, What does it mean?

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The white aura was on the left side of my body and black was on the right side. She saw this on two different days within a period of 2 weeks. I don’t know what to make out of it … Please tell me what it means. Thankx a Lot !!

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Maurog II

It means your friend is crazy and/or on drugs.


you voted for obama

Praise the Lord

you are half good and half bad


If she has the ability to see these things she ought to have the ability to explain them to you, unless she’s pretending…

Pants Party III

People who see auras usually have some latent schizophrenia or are just saying that to get attention. Just hope it’s the latter.


so silly to have such an ability and not be able to interpret its meaning.


it means both you gotta cut off on the LSD


One side was your shadow


Either she’s nuts (highly likely), or you are bipolar. Your choice.


Means your friend was either high, or bullshitting you


It means I want her number.
For the shrooms, silly, not that.
From what you’re saying, she has some really good shit.

The Professor

Pass the doobie, yo.


Go here –
It will tell you how to “read auras”.

Persian Melon...

It means the cup is half full and half empty….


She shouldn’t do acid so much.


She is telling fibs. Aura’s are never black or white. They are a raw electrical green colour mostly, salt and peppered with the colors of emotions.
Practicing shaman… quantum physics rocks.


it means she thinks your a ying yang


It means that the sociological indifference that your friend is experiencing in the half moon unconscious state of mind,
is causing the dark side of his psyche to respond in sync with the light side. this causes the dual manifestation in the aura.
Hope this answers your question.
And if it does……….GET OFF THE FREAKING DRUGS!!!

Druid Dhuhh

White is the overall color. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet, plus various shades of these, have deeper meanings. The darkness could have been something burdening to your mind and spirit at the time.


Your friend is color blind. Have her go get a check up…


you’re an oreo cookie


I have a friend by the name Aura, no need to be racist!

The Christian Hope

It means that ur friend shud get a mental check up.


how drunk was she


It may mean that half of you are still in the world and half in God’s world. God is telling you to come out completely from the word and be with Him. Give up the worldly lusts and pleasures and be with Him completely.


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