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My friend lost Consciousness on a bike crash but nothing showed on CT is this normal?

My friend was riding his bike and remembers being passed by motorcycles, then woke up and in the grass 5 feet from the road, his bike was another 10 feet beyond him. There was no visible signs of injury, scrapes ect, and the bike came back with no harm or scratches. I am not believing this can all happen, him being knocked out for at least 5 to 10 minutes and nothing on CT? Does anyone know if you were hit that hard if something would show up?


  1. At the risk of sounding ignorant . . . What’s CT?
    No big deal, forget the Lawers – I hope your friend puts it behind him and gets on with his life.
    He might not have been hit, he could have just blacked out or have some form of epilepsy?

  2. If nothing showed up, then he wasn’t hurt bad, just knocked unconscious… That is possible… but may be unlikely… If he’s concerned… and is having other reactions or symptoms from the accident, I would seek a second opinion, and an attorney.

  3. If he was unconscious he definately had a concussion which is basically a severly shaken brain. The timing is pretty critical in this matter because the longer you are unconscious the more suseptible you are to second punch syndrome which is why boxers are always given a long resting period after receiving too many head blows which lead to knock outs. Once you have been knocked out it is easier to loose consciousness again from a second blow to the head and is is harder to recover from each time. the brain actually seperates from the matter between it and your skull when you sustain a concussion. CT scans are done to detect bleeding in the brain which sometimes happens with concussions. He should never ride again without a helmut.

  4. That can be perfectly normal. The CT scan will show bleeding and other things, but may not catch the minor swelling from a mild concussion….that’s what experienced doctors and nurses are there to diagnose through observation. And yes, you can get k.o.’d without any swelling or other signs afterwards.
    You just want to watch him for signs of trouble the first day/night and pay attention for the next couple days. He can probably expect headache, nausea, stiffness in his neck/shoulders/back, etc. He may even have some very minor temporary amnesia…..probably won’t ever remember the exact moment of impact, either. That’s normal.
    Some signs of post-concussive trauma may show up in weird ways like unstable emotions (anger, sadness, crying) during the next week or so. His memory may be spotty and he may be a little cloudy for a couple days. If his vision, attention, memory, and other normal functions seem to be ok, then there’s nothing to worry about and he’ll just have to get over having his bell rang in a fall. The brain’s electrical functions go haywire and have to stabilize after the trauma.
    Last summer one of my friends took what we *think* was about a 6′ drop in Vail, Colorado. He was the last in our line of four riders and while we were waiting to regroup at the next trail junction, Eric never showed. We waited a couple minutes and started calling for him. Some other riders came through and said he was right behind them, walking. Well, he had dirt on his chin and shoulder, torn sleeve on his shirt, and a funny look on his face. Whatever happened, he hit hard and was knocked out for a few.
    After talking to him, we knew something wasn’t right even though physically he was fine, and alert. Figured out he had total temporary short-term memory amnesia, though. We thought he was kidding when he said “where are we?”. He had no idea that we were in Colorado or what we had done over the previous 4 days. He could remember his social security number, what car he drove, his kids’ and wife’s name, and two of us that were good friends……….but he couldn’t remember the new guy that joined us a few days before, couldn’t remember any of the riding or meals we’d had, didn’t even recognize the trail map that he’d been studying and choosing routes for the group with all day. After resting for awhile, we decided to go back to the crash spot (we knew about where it must have happened) to see if it would help him remember, but no dice.
    Luckily, he started to get pieces of his memory back in about a half hour, and within 3 or 4 hours he had almost all of it. Over the next couple days we questioned him a lot to try and help, and he asked us questions about our trip up to that point, trying to remember everything. Surprisingly, he didn’t show any signs of trauma or have headaches, etc. To this day he still has no idea about what happened at the moment of impact or what he rode off of, but everything else came back perfectly. He’s happy to remember all the good times we had on that trip, just can’t remember the crash itself.
    So yeah, it can happen and it’s normal.

  5. Absolutely normal, he probably got a good knock on the noggin and a slight concussion. Nothing would show on a cat scan unless he had a skull fracture or bleeding, swelling in the brain area. Thank goodnes for helmets! My friend lost 6 hours, and didn’t even have a head ache or other aches & pains. I lost a few seconds in a crash on railroad tracks, broke my arm and cracked my helmet in four places.. over 2 yrs ago and I’ve never remembered that actual few seconds of going down and waking up. Hope your friend is okay and continues to ride.

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