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My friend is trying to get me to go to the Kabbalah Center, what do people think of it?

I live in New York, and my friend goes to events at the Kabbalah Center. She thinks I should go with her because it will bring me closer to God. I was raised Jewish and my mother tells me that the Kabbalah Center is a cult and that she has heard very bad things about them. Does anyone know about this?


  1. Your mother has heard what has been in the news…many celebrites are immersing themselves into the Kabbalah and that can create waves…as we all know with Tom Cruise..etc.
    First do your own research on the Kabbalah, and see if this even piques your interest. The Kabbalah is very old….again, people misuse spirituality and religion…..not the religion misusing us.

  2. a branch of Jewish that taught about torah. maybe their is difference in teaching and belief. sorry im not a jew but this is what i understand.

  3. Don’t go…It is just a bunch of trendy people who are seekers…It is cults any religion where you have to dress alike, Think exactly alike, only see things ONE way or You cant be in it is bogus in my opinion…You must Let go of Ego…Is all they talk about…the Kabbalah its self is interesting…Read it.The Twist The People put on it is the problem I find…

  4. If you’re an open-minded person it wouldn’t hurt to attend a session. Form your own opinion after attending instead of asking people who’ve probably never gone themselves and are only giving you an opinion they’ve formed from reading magazine articles about celebrities involved with Kabbalah. I’m not involved with Kabbalah at all but have no interest in any religion even though I was reaised Catholic until my teenage years. Hey…you never know…maybe you’ll run into Madonna there.

  5. Yes, the Kabbalah Center is a cult started by a man called Philip S. Berg (formerly Shraga Feivel Gruberger) a former part time insurance salesman from Brooklyn.
    For the record, his organization has been denounced by all normative Jewish organizations.
    And one wag put it: “Its Scientology done Jewish” (reference to the number of celebrities dominating it).

  6. Hi, I too looked into the Kabbalah Centre, and found it did not offer me what I was looking for. I advise you just look into it, and see if it fits.
    My personal belief is that spirituality cannot be sold or bought, so I kept searching, and found another centre that teaches Kabbalah, and there is a group in New York too!
    There is information about them here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2J_6WxsaMRo
    Hope this helps!
    edited to add:
    PS: don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something that does not feel right for you. Remember – there IS no coercion in spirituality!


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