Home Discussion Forum My friend is good with energy, healing, exercising,protecting, and things like that...?

My friend is good with energy, healing, exercising,protecting, and things like that…?

by Virtue:

would you consider her a witch?

Answer by Christian the Atheist
I’d consider her someone who could probably afford to spend more time with reality.


  1. a witch is a label used to point the fingers, using religious dogma, to someone versed in certain meditation practices. Using energy and healing can have a very positive effect on the spirit. It is something that the original higher beings wished for all of humanity to use and grow in knowledge with. If used properly, it can only enhance and empower ones life.

  2. no.
    a witch is one that either studies for a year and a day and initiates herself into the Craft as a Solitary witch or into a coven.
    or, there are those that have a family lineage of “a gift” and are considered “true witches”…whatever that means…
    healers and shamans come in all flavors, dear one…not necessarily all witches…

  3. no, she’s more likely a shaman, cleric or something of the like and she probably needs to make sure that she doesn’t believe too deeply in such abilities of hers since they’re likely to be cures that are psychological in nature rather than physical ones…
    a witch is a person who studies witchcraft for a period of time and dabbles into potion-making, spells, etc…

  4. witches have natural abilities, they don’t need to be told how to do spells, rituals etc its a natural instinct.
    A lot of people can heal and work with energies this does not make them a witch.


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