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My friend is at a weird place in his life and keeps asking about some occult books?

He recently had a close relative die about a month or so ago and has been kind of depressed until recently when he got really interested in the occult. I’ve neer really read these books but I know where to get them and was just curious if he could get hurt by messing with this stuff without knowing what he’s doing. Here’s a list of the books he’s asking for:
Greater Key of Solomon
Lesser Key of Solomon
Testament of Solomon
Ars Notoria
Arbatel of Magick
Grimoirium Verum
The Grimoire of Honorius
The Secret Grimoire of Turiel
The Book of Ceremonial Magic
The Black Raven
Which ones should I definitely not hand over to him just to be safe, I’ve recently became a believer into this kind of stuff but I still don’t know much about it.


  1. Be “safe”????
    Come on, really?
    It’s safe to recommend the occult with “conserfatives in office”?
    If they would let a man sue some company for not telling him “forcefully enough” that their product causes cancer, how much will your friend get from you when he sues you for recommending books that might be said later to have cost him ~ his eternal soul????

  2. none. please nothing from the occult is good and can be harmful,that stuff is of satan and God tells us to stay away from things like that.lead him to God not satan.

  3. Pursuing any of that business is literally begging to walk hand in hand with death. It’s not cool like the movies either.
    You guys have no idea who you are or who God is. Sorry but it’s clear. But if you come to Him in earnest truth and ask Him, He’ll come to you.

  4. anything that talks about resurrection spells woould be good to stay away from. since he lost a close relative and has been relling down about it, a reason for his sudden interest into the occult could mean a resurrection spell is in mind. those never work out well and so, yeah keep him away from those when i say they never go well i mean they go very wrong and sometimes what you bring back isn’t what you wanted

  5. personally i wouldn’t become involved in that kind of stuff. i’m not gonna tell you to turn 2 god or w/e but many people get hurt from joining the occult. i wouldn’t recommend giving your friend any of those books, try to get him interested in something else =]

  6. I have first hand experiance with that stuff….and I’m for real…not like the wannabes…. I would visit “The Enchanted” in Orlando regularly….and I have tried a few things that required truly exotic ingredients….and greater skill than 99.999% of the populace is capable of…if you mess with this stuff you will feel….while you are doing it… a strange sensation that is difficult to describe….then bad things begin to happen…there is no way to win in this area….stop before you start….and that is coming from me ….wendy….and I’m as wild and wreckless as they come….that should tell you something…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

  7. Yes and believing in christianity can cause great harm to oneself and the world!
    Sounds like your friend took this death very hard and might be trying to find peace in believing he can contact that person. Can be harmful to the mind in itself.
    I would suggest grief counselling.

  8. In response to many of the replies here. You can’t get hurt from reading a book other than a papercut. It’s what you do with the information afterwards that determines whether or not one gets hurt.
    I would recommend that your friend read any that interest him, but tell him to take it with a grain of salt.
    Seriously, has anyone died from reading a book???


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