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My first time! Who can explain this to me (esp pagans and hindi's)?

I’ve been a studying, practicing witch for 9 years now and for the first time ever a complete stranger has raised their voice and pointeded me out and declaired that not only was I not a “true” witch but acted as if I were trying to fool some one.
Why? Because I think witchcraft based on Hindu Tantra is diffrent enough from European based witchcraft to have a different name for its practictioners if they want one.
This “Aum” says that witches who base their craft work on European tradition and call themselfs witchs should change their name to something Hindu, or at least not “witch” because she thinks that it’s shameful to have a name that means a person close to the earth, to bend/flex, wise one, pesant etc, which ever.
My question: I don’t believe like this Aum; does that mean I’m not a witch at all? Is every single type of witch close enough to Hindu to be called by her chosen title?
I’m stuned, I never thought it would be a pagan to declair me not good enough for my religion.


  1. Well, is witch a term that is limited to a particular religion? I always thought it was a term that may have different meanings to different people, rather than representing all people from one religion.

  2. I don’t know ANYONE who follows their chosen religion exactly. Would it be wrong to believe things to be true from different religions.

  3. My $0.02 – it’s a complete stranger. Why concern yourself with what a complete stranger says about your religion or your beliefs? There are idiot pagans just like there are idiots of any other path, who feel that their way is “the right way” and if you don’t do it their way then you’re wrong… screw ’em. They’re not worth your time. You don’t need their permission or their validation. Your relationship with the Divine is your own business.

  4. Every time I hear a person describe something or someone as a “true” anything, the speaker is trying to force their ideals and definitions onto the listener. It is thuggery.


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