Home Discussion Forum My fiance keeps on getting erections after yoga?

My fiance keeps on getting erections after yoga?

I’ve been taking my fiance to yoga for a while now and he tells me he gets erections after wards very often but never during. So he just ends up rushing to the locker room after wards and takes a shower until it calms down.
Anyone knows why this is happening and if this is normal or if this has happened to them?


  1. He is opening up his chakra that controls sexual stimulation. Why don’t you help him out instead of him running to the shower.

  2. Yoga helps stimulate blood flow to the body, so his erection is probably being caused by the increased blood flow to his penis.

  3. He gets so relaxed that his hormones start to act up
    Very normal thing to happen
    Take him home and have fun there


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