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My family's having religion issues!!!?

My family and I are facing religion issues. My mom has been sick for about 4 years now. The doctors don’t know what’s wrong with her but she has issues with her stomach. She can’t eat certain foods because her stomach will start acting up. She’s been to the ER a couple of times. She went from 135 to 90 lbs.
We’re an Asian family and we didn’t convert to Christianity until 7-8 years ago. Lately their faith has been faltering. My dad wants to convert to the old ways (Shamanism) I told him this morning that I will NOT convert. I will not take part in anything that God will not approve of.
He took it the wrong way and starts saying that if I don’t cooperate that means that I don’t need him and my mom anymore. He says that I want my mom to die that’s why I’m not cooperating. He goes on saying that if God cares he would have made my mom better now. He gets really angry at God and tests him.
I’m ohh so very disappointed in them. I understand where they are coming from but being forced to do something I don’t want to is wrong. I’m not as close to God as I used to be and am distant from him lately but I will never leave him. I don’t want to lose my parents. Why should I do?


  1. I’m sorry for your mom. Tell your dad that you want to stay Christian but you still need your parents. Say you love your mom a lot and would never want her to die. I can understand why he is mad at God, but maybe say that it may be your mom’s time to go into heaven. It is really frustrating for your dad because God is not helping him.

  2. GOD doesn’t need you end of story. you need HIM. Now if you don’t agree with them don’t convert. JUst refuse to do it. You can’t control but you can control yourself.

  3. Tell your family that all paths lead to God. Different cultures have different names for Him/Her, but they all of them promise a sort of salvation. Don’t let them wreck or bend your faith and don’t try to convince them to abandon theirs, new or old. Support them and ask them to do the same for you, pray together, maybe with both of His/Her many names.

  4. Your mom needs to see a specialist a gasotrologist. I probably misspelled that word. You keep your faith do not let anyone take that away from you. Sometimes when we pray that doesn’t mean God is going to give you the answer you want to hear. Your father is scare because he does not know how to help his wife. Your mother may need her colon checked out.


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