My ear bleeds when I time travel in my storage shed. Is that normal?

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I have a time travel machine I keep in a storage shed. I’ve been going back in time to do some day trading to get rich, and fund my company. After my last trip, my ear started bleeding. Is that normal?

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dude I

Do you hallucinate on a regular basis? Suggest you see your Mental Health Professional.


Your ears! WTH! My eyes bleed when I time travel in my dog house. I only wish it were my ears not my eyes.


course it is!


???umn of course its not normal if your ear bleeds and your not like upside down,theres heat involved,or you have had trauma to the head area,or there are loud noises….then yes its a little weird


This is normal when your inertial frame of reference is off. Try moving the machine to the basement. That should fix the problem.


and this in the Respiratory Disease section ….???? because you also respire through your ears????


Let’s take a different view on this. You use a shed, and probably one of the old protyolitic transfer pods lol Right?/ Am I right? What did you expect to happen you cheap bastard. With all that money you could let loose of some of those bucks. I just happen to have the latest model. No more bleeding no more twisted ankles and they’re able to totally erase the last person from the memory. No more “mix ups”. Just a minor glitch. So you call me right, an i’ll hook you up.


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