my dreams are the future, also i have been having precognition, and more powers PLEASE help…?

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i dont know if i am going crazy or what.
But the other week i was at a friends house, and all of a sudden i could tell the future, i knew what was going to happen next, it carried on for about 8 hours til i went to sleep, it was so strange, it was like de-ja vu except i knew before and when it was happing i had seen it before
ive had a few dreams just about little things, and they are coming true.
i know this is going to sound stupid but, my friend was cooking some spaghetti hoops and i thought when its finished cooking on the hob i will put some salt on them and i looked at the salt and the spaghetti hoops not purposely concentrating just stood there and then she served them up, and they were extremely salty – i knew i had done this.
ALSO i have been getting terrible sleep paralysis,awful awful awful
everynight for 3-weeks !
i have been seeing black shadows and masses and hearing noises when im in my house or walking down a street at night.
how do i get rid of all of this?
what is it?
anyone had similar experiences?
How is the sleep paralysis linked into it?
serious answers only please
india, last night i had a dream my little brother died drowning, i told him today not to go near any water. so similar to you experience.
i have always been a weird child but im 17 now and only just realizing my skills
Also what exactly is a medium?
all of this terrifies me. i dont want these gifts
india, woah thats amazing extremely weird but i totally believe it and understand it.
i went to a medium physic person and he confirmed my gifts
he also said my brain is extremely fast, so so fast he was having trouble reading me, he said when i hit 19/20 my brain will burn out as a result of this and i will be sectioned.
he also told me he is a demon.
is that possible?
however he knew EVERYTHING
Jedesyus – Tantric is badass
will i always have this?
its causing me extreme amounts of stress
i also believe all of this is occult so we shouldnt really be messing with it, maybe thats why i am getting paralyzed my demons??
do you know how sleep paralysis comes into it?
i have also seen 3 ghosts and a shadow man

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you need to see a doctor.


This sounds normal to me. My brother and I are somewhat similar. Only things happen when we are together and we can tell when either one is in trouble, sad, happy, sick, or hurt.
Last year, we were over seas from each other. I was in India and he was in Alaska, it was the middle of the night (for me) and I awoke from a dream about him being in a horrible wreck.
I called my mother to ask about him. She said he was fine, he was still visiting a friend and she had just talked to him. She called not even an hour later to tell me he was just in a very bad wreck.
He was the only survivor.
We can not explain all the strange things that happen with us but they have seemed to grow over the years.
Yours seem to be going through the same thing. Maybe it has just taken you a while to notice them.
Good luck.


you might be a medium…


Make better use of your 6 sense.
To help others.You are brave enough.


first of all, comment to someone else’s thing, india, are you twins, you and your brother? cause that happens with twins all the time.
as for the question at hand, i know this is gonna sound crazy, but it sounds like you’re extremely gifted. It sounds like you have a really strong 6th sense. as for the sleep paralysis, i think hematite under your pillow is supposed to help with that. but it may be to keep you grounded, i don’t remember. i hope any of this helped but sorry if it didn’t good luck!!

Jedesyus - Tantric is badass

I get this too, it’s actually pretty common to some degree, most people just don’t notice it as much as others.
It probably has something to do with how mentally/spiritually sensitive you are.
And remember, just because some things come true, doesn’t mean everything will, it’s just like your mind compiling your fears, but best not to have such strong fears, as it does have a adverse effect (however small it may be… though this varies with the strength of the mind) on the outcomes of the physical world, we’re all connected.
Some of what you are experiencing may be paranoia though, keep that in mind, happens to me too.
You can also amplify this precognition with frequent meditation during the day. May I also suggest you stimulate your “third-eye” (its a metaphor, dont worry) through this meditation (you feel for vibrations in your forehead head between your eyes). You can actually enter a semi-dreaming state like this.
Listening to Alpha/Beta/theta brainwave music helps while you meditate as well, you dont need it though, you stop noticeing external entities in deep meditation anyway.
What I’m trying to say is, don’t worry about getting rid of it, fine tune it, being relaxed does this, being stressed has negative effects.
Hey… I’m a little skeptical about all I’ve said as well, but it’s healthy to have some sort of spiritual direction/purpose.

cute and luvin it!

ill pray for you


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