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My dreams are haunted by someone from my past. How can I kick him out of my dreams?

Six years ago, my best friend told me that he never wanted to see/talk to me again. He left and I never received an explanation as to why. Ever since that time, he has been a recurring presence in my dreams.
The dreams vary. Sometimes he wants to be friends again. Sometimes he is trying to make me jealous. Sometimes I’ll punch him out. Sometimes we’re just going to the same college and seeing him is enough to make my emotions churn.
I feel like time has helped healed my wounds. I seldom think about him in my conscious life, but his presence in my dreams drudges up bad thoughts and feelings every time I wake from one of these dreams.
I have excellent REM recall, and remember all my dreams. However, in the midst of a dream, I am unable to realize that I am in dream [my dreams are extremely realistic]. Confronting this friend and getting the answers that my subconscious mind seeks is not an option.
Does anyone have an idea how to kick him out of my dreams?!?


  1. every night before you sleep focus on 1 thing and 1 thing only. Like a ferris wheel and hopfully in your dreams you will be riding one. works for me.

  2. I don’t know how much influence you have over your dreams…but I would kill him…in your dreams I mean. Make the problem go away. You can be the hero or you can try and have someone do it for you. I know it sounds a bit strange…but so is the situation. What else can you do in a dream?
    If you don’t want to kill him, why don’t you pretend he’s really mean and he’s asking to be friends again, then you reject him this time. You might feel better this way too.
    Whatever you choose…try to feel better…they’re only dreams and nothing too serious.
    Cheers and “sweet dreams”!

  3. Depending on the school of thought you believe in, dreams may be a manifestation of your subconscious. I do not think therefore, that you can dictate what you want to dream about. Having said that, I think that the most effective way to get rid of nasty dreams would be to come to terms with these thoughts that are bothering you. You may need to see a therapist to do this. In a more simplistic way, you can just move on with your life and focus on the positive things that are going your way.

  4. This is not uncommon. Whenever there are unresolved issues we might dream of someone. Your subconscious is working out different scenarios. You may feel that you have worked through this, but on some level there has been no closure. At some level you may need to know WHY he stopped talking to you before you can truly move on.
    A few things you can try. A. You can meditate before bed, ask that you are given the answers in your dream so you can close this chapter. B. You can contact him and ask him why.
    C. You can try dialoguing the dream. You sit in one chair and be you asking him why he keeps coming back to your dreams. Then you sit in the other chair and be him and answer. This sounds silly, but it does work in many situations.
    D. Do some in depth soul searching and ask yourself what still bothers you about this, because there is something. Then when you figure it out, address it.
    Hope this helps!

  5. if you can then call him or find himm.. ask him y he left you and cuss him out.. if that doesnt work.. then try not to think about himm. u dream about him cuz u think about him

  6. I shall add that if a best friend said this to you; he was never your best friend. The mask he wore was of a best friend. Unless you did something deeply wrong to hurt him, a true friend will never turn his or her back on you. To do such a thing is to despise, not be a best friend 🙂


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