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My dear Wicca friends: Can you tell me how to and what would make an effective wand?

On my journey this February to Sedona I saw many lovely wands. They had a verity of crystal stones on them and were maid of many differing sorts of wood as well. I plan on making my own wand and was hoping that some dear, brilliant soul might be able to guide me in this project. Peace&Love be with you…~M~
Thanks for the kind and helpful answers. The ones that I have received on R/S were helpful as well although the majority were just rude. Peace&Love be with you…~M~


  1. Well i didnt know that they were actually wands i am learning to be a wiccan myself but its taking for ever cuz i dont go on da computor much go to magicaschool.com really helpful scite good luck

  2. – Firstly you need to find a suitable piece of wood.You may like to choose a wood with special magical significance or just any piece of wood that you feel drawn to.
    -Find a branch which you think has a nice shape and is of a suitable thickness for you. Try to make sure it doesnt have any knots in it and is comfortable to hold. It is best to ask the tree’s permission if you plan to cut off a living branch.
    – Cut the branch to the length you want your wand, this is best done with a small saw.
    – Remove the bark using either a draw knife or a very sharp penknife.
    – Once all the bark has been removed shape one end of the wand into a rounded point, this is best done with a pen knife. Dont worry about being too neat.
    – Sand down your wand using several different sandpapers (coarsest first, finest last) to get a beautifully smooth finish.
    – Now you have a basic wand you can make it more special by one or more of these techniques:
    *Burn in symbols of your choice using a soldering iron.
    *Paint it all over or just paint on the symbols of you choice.
    *Tie feathers or other significant items on using string or thread.
    *Drill/cut out using a penknife a hole and glue a small crystall into it using strong glue.
    *Apply a varnish
    Although this seems like a lot of bother it is certainly worth it as you will have a wand that will be invaluable in all your magickal practices and will last many years.
    Hope this helps and good luck x x x

  3. Maggie, I have found that the Elder makes a very nice wand. It’s soft wood and easy to carve your symbols into and the end can be drilled and a crystal forced into the hole, especially if the hole is slightly smaller in diameter than the crystal. That should hold it forever, no glue or adhesives at all. The wood will shrink and tighten around the crystal and hold it tightly, as it dries. I never take living wood but rather I seach for a dead limb that’s still on the tree so that by pruning the tree you do the tree a service and it repays that service by providing you with a nice wand blank.
    You can decopage feathers or tiny stars and moons onto the wood and varnish over it all. You can sand it all smooth or leave the bark on it or just remove the bark and leave it natural. In other words, do what ever FEELS the best at the moment for you and the wand. Just follow your instincts and you won’t go wrong. You can be as fancy as you wish or as plain as you want. I have seen many wands that are just sticks with NO embellishment at all. After all, the energies and power do not come from the wand, they come from you. The wand serves only as a “pointer” for those energies. You can accomplish everything with just your finger even without a wand or athame.
    Brightest Blessings,
    Raji the Green Witch


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