My daughter will be a witch for Halloween and her sister, a black cat. What should my infant be?

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My eight-year-old is going to be a witch and her 1-year-old sister will be a black cat. What should their little 4-month-old brother dress as to keep with the theme?
Love the suggestions! I’m going with either a pumpkin, a zombie, or a bat!

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A zombie!


a little pumpkin:) that would be cute!

Preet Dhaliwal

why does it matter ? LMAOOo
make him her a telletubbie ; )


A pumpkin. Since the night would probably be cool Wrap kid in an orange blanket.


in bed


a pumpkin, or maybe to keep the witch theme, a sorcerer like harry potter

*Bi-Racial Beauty*

a pumpkin?

Katie Maddox

a little candy bar


Yes definately a cute little pumpkin!! They sell little pumpkin outfits, they are so adorable!!! Put him in a pumpkin costume with the stem hat, and put an orange dab of paint or something on his nose. so cute!!! Good luck my dear!

Rosemary B

A little mouse.


A pumpkin


a carrot, a spiderman,


How about a skeleton…or a werewolf. My godson’s mother made him the cutest werewolf outfit with faux fur and a simple black sweat suit (top needs to have hood) she hot-glued pieces of fur all over the sweat suit (as though he was exploding out of his clothes.) and used the fur remnants to make ears on the hood. If it gets cold in your neck of the woods you could even add little gloves and hot glue some fur on them as well. It was sooo adorable and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind you stealing her idea 🙂


Since pumpkins are so cliched already, that costume is probably the most readily available. However, if you are more creative than that though still homey enough to ask suggestions, I reccomend that infant dragon costumes are in this year, and they have some cute ones at Target. It will keep with the fantasy theme you have, but add the individuality to your son so the three all feel special as themselves.

I like the bat idea!!


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