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My daughter is born on 12 Mar 2007 at 0455 please suggest names starting with "YU"?

The alphabet has been suggested by astrologer .Is it right if not suggest the same.Where can I get her Kundalini made


  1. yuri
    i don’t know what those mean, but they’re cute and girly…
    yumi (in the philippines “mayumi” actually means “meek”)

  2. yamini ,the correct name , she was the Sister of Yamma as per the “OKHA HARAN ”
    here she has having saturn in cancer it has VAKRI & therefore when your doughter were born that time hardship for mother & it will countinue up to next 12 months again she become good fan of car reshing ,ridding, fighting & all that ,well though you do not hav mention her place of birth , its difficult to retreive latitude & lognitude details,.,again she will marry with some body NRI only,
    good luck to you & sweety ,

  3. From your other questions, it seems you are from India. I could get the following girls’ names (with meanings in some cases) by searching the Internet, which you can consider. I can’t answer the latter part of your question, though – sorry.
    Yukta …. a latitude
    Yukti …. trick, solution
    Yuti …. union
    Yuvati ………….young woman
    Yuktha………… Absorbed, attentive
    Yuthika………… Multitude
    Yuvaraani…….. Princess
    Yuvika………….. Young woman, maid
    (Note: Please check the accuracy of the names, their spelling and meaning from a reputed source.)

  4. yuna-moon
    yukina-a maiden’s name
    yuriki-sorry,but I’ve forgotten the meaning of the name..
    good night and have a sweet dream..


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