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My crystal ball just told me the Cowboys are going to go to the Super Bowl this coming season?

So what do you think?
My crystal ball just told me that USC are going to beat Oklahomo this year.


  1. HAHHAHAHHHAAA!!! yeahh… not so much. but i guess you never know. im a Rams fan and were not doing so hot, but i still have hope.

  2. My crystal ball just told me you are correct. My crystal ball also told me that Oklahoma will be adding another crystal ball to their massive trophy room this year.

  3. I think your crystal ball is wrong. I do think they will make the playoffs though, they are a much better team without the distraction of owens… Their running backs are crazy good and they have a pretty solid defense. I just dont think they will go to the superbowl, but we will see

  4. I think the Cowboys have as much of a chance as anyone else. You aren’t the first to make such a bold prediction. I’ve seen others on this site say, “The Chargers will go all of the way”. The truth is, we just don’t know. Its great to see you being optimistic, but in all honesty, who knows? I do think the Cowboys have the talent to get there. I mean 2 seasons ago they were 13-3. Obviously they can win games. But what matters is getting the chemistry right the whole season. Not just in the regular season. Getting rid of T.O. was a great move, and it will help. The only issue is getting the defensive problems addressed this off season. They have the players, but the will to play good defense must be there. They need to get the right coordinators there, and possibly get a new coach. Only time will tell. I can’t say the Cowboys will go or even win a playoff game. Then again, they just might. Truth be told, no one knows. I mean who thought the Cardinals would be in the super bowl? That says to me the NFL is unpredictable.

  5. I am Cowboys fan. It is way early to be looking into a crystal ball or looking across the league. The best single change is the youth of the players at the skill positions. Romo remains a question mark to me. Because I just wonder if his hands are large enough to handle the ball for 4 quarters. Dropping out of the draft for Roy Williams of Detroit is the make or break decision. Just hoping to make the playoffs. This Romo thing of not grasping the ball very would be a bother to me. I hope Jason Garrett can cure this pattern. If Romo has the tools to be made into an upper half quarterback.

  6. your Crystal ball has been on this site for 3 years predicting that the Cowboys would win the Superbowl all 3 of those years…if you still have the receipt, I would consider trading in that broken P.O.S.

  7. Why are people doing this all of a sudden?
    And no, its broken.
    It’s busted.
    It sucks. No offense.
    And it doesn’t work.
    If you change “cowboys”
    to giants..
    Then it’d be right.
    But since you did not..
    it’s wrong.


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