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My crystal ball just told me the Broncos are going to go to the Super Bowl this coming season?

Is it defective or should I start saving for the tickets now?


  1. Your crystal ball is broken….as in…it literally has a crack in it….
    And it is also probably doing some crack….
    My perfectly fine crystal ball tells me that the Eagles will win the SB….

  2. I knew you were a Gypsy…lol
    I think your crystal ball must have a crack in it…Who does it say is going to start Chris Simms or Kyle Orton…lmao…
    Sorry Nikky I couldn’t resisr.

  3. Wow, have you been hiding in the dark? Your team has who for a qb? What about defense?…
    Your crystal ball is made of crystal meth…..lol.

  4. My Magic 8-Ball said…….. “Reply hazy, try again” so I did & it told me “Concentrate and ask again” I don’t think it’s going to happen BUT, I am getting my Magic 8-ball fitted for a hearing-aid on Tuesday.

  5. perhaps it’s like those magic mirrors on the wall that will tell you exactly what you want to hear, even if it’s not the truth?
    mine told me the same thing about my team….sounds like these balls were made in china……

  6. Kyle Orton taking the Broncos to the Super Bowl?
    I think your ball is defective.
    Just to make sure, if it said that they will play the Raiders or the Browns in the AFC Championship, you know it is defective.

  7. Oh Nikky, optimism is a great thing. But I fear your crystal ball is playing tricks on you.
    My tea leaves told me the Packers are going to win.

  8. well i dunno how you would get there from ohio but thats a different story entire, denver’s chances went down when chase mcdaniels stated he wanted matt cassel to be picked up (patriots and denver run similar systems of offense) and that understandabley shook their trust with jay cutler ya know? you stick with your franchise QB until retirement and thats how dynastys are made not by “winning the moment” now. its like me saying a guy dating a girl says to that girl ” i love you” and then behind her flirts with her best friend and when it comes back to that girl he denies it despite the righting on the wall. both situations have something in common eventually those 2 will meet again and paybacks are a bitch

  9. Glad your Crytstal Ball has faith in Kyle Orton….He’s an Iowan- Like myself….SO, gotta have positive thoughts…..

  10. Really because my magic consch shell told me the Steelers were going for the repeat and the seventh heaven

  11. did you pick up some mushrooms from the side of the freeway on your way to Colorado? JK. 🙂
    Thumbs up to those who agree.

  12. I believe your crystal ball. Hell, Orton led Chicago to the Super Bowl so why not again in Denver? As long as the defense can rank somewhere around the middle of the pack (or better) we’re going all the way sister!

  13. It may be defective, though I would give a lot for it to be true. MacD is making changes…and we of the orange and blue don’t like change. We wept at every uniform change. We wore sackcloth and ashes when Elway retired. We held candlelight vigils when Shanny let Elam leave the fold.
    What would I give to make your magic crystal ball accurate? I won’t say that I’d give my firstborn, my life savings, or my left nut to make it happen…
    …those agreements didn’t go so well for the Red Sox fans.
    Still, I have a long list of things that I would do if the Broncos win the Super Bowl this season (top 3):
    1. I would shave (insert appropriate starting QB’s name here) name and jersey number into my coiffure
    2. I would give up refined sugar (the secret compartment at the top of the food pyramid)
    3. I would give up Y/A for a consecutive 24 hours

  14. When Grossman was injured in pre-season, Kyle Orton came in and went 11-5 as a starter and led the Bears to the play-offs(and to the Superbowl where they lost to the mighty Colts). That was as a rookie, now he’s got a lot more experience. If the D can hold up for the Broncos, then why not?

  15. You’re hot. That’s the only thing I can say without somebody thumbs-downing me for my opinion. They can, maybe they won’t, maybe they will.

  16. Wouldn’t that be something?
    Kyle Orton’s Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl against the Chicago Bears led by none other than Jay Cutler.
    Wow – THAT would be a SUPER Bowl !!!
    Your crystal ball would be presented to the winning team (Broncos) – instead of the Lombardi Trophy.


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