My crystal ball doen't work for me!?

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I got it last year, it is quarts, it kinda small, but it does have a lot of blemishes inside of it, which i think is the problem, I stared into it for an hour and got nothing, so I just went back to my tarot, but i wanna buy a better one, how much does one cost, and how can I use it properly??

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y dont u buy a drowsing book?
u could just try drowsing w/ oiland water on a mirror or incense might help
what i’ve read about drowsing, is that u have to let ur mind space out, dont concentrate too hard, just let ur mind go,
it takes practice
hope this helps =)


Oh, dear… instant gratification is not going to happen with crystal balls friend. If you truly want to experience the wonders of crystal, you must get the “blemished”… that creates many facets for Otherworlds to “grab” onto. I liken it to paint and wood. In order for paint to stick to wood, the wood needs to have a “rough finish”… like the blemishes in the stone, that is a “rough scrying surface” so to speak. It gives images something to adhere to so that they will stay put for even a fleeting moment for us to view it.
The problem for you is impatience. You must learn to slow down, and become willing. It takes practice, and lots of it. Learn how to “soften” your gaze. Learn how to sit still for long periods of time. The Otherworld is not commandable, nor does it operate on *our* wishes. We have to meet it half-way… and to connect with it, you will have to learn to sit still so that its images can *find* you.

wize woman–this site explains how to use a crystal ball
I hope it helps.


hummmm,…. shhhh! lol (just kidding)
My guess .. is that you no longer need a crystal ball. OH , I know .I know, it’s fast and it made that you do alot easier…look at your question…..”So,I just went back to my tarot cards”…. I really feel that you need none of these. TO do that you do…
see ya in dream Ms.Kate!


Before you spend a fortune on a crystal ball try learning to scry in a bowl of water with a few drops of black ink in the water…..
Some people cant do it easily but there is no point spending a fortune on a real crystal ball with very few blemishes (this will cost A LOT!!!) if you cant already scry.
for more information see the links below.

I need more COWBELL

Shake it really good and speak directly at the big number 8 when you are inquiring.


thats your problem its blemished on the inside you need a crystal ball that is completely blimish free its hard to find but there out there….


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